YOU are invited on a magical Quest!

Every great adventure begins with an initial spark of inspiration and imagination! Astrology leapt full force into the center of my heart one sunny summer evening in Santa Barbara while hanging out in a cozy bohemian abode among the ocean breezes in the company of my dear friend/soul sister and astrology muse, Kayse Starshine.

Feeling pretty blissed out on matcha tea and spirulina cacao balls, we were coming to a close with our epic spontaneous 8 hour shamanic journey when we dove head over heels into a mini-Astrology reading!

Scanning my birth chart, I felt a pulse of excitement and joy as she asked me simple questions while pointing directly to key places in my birth chart that brought astrology to  life for me. It was a fun and engaging experience. I was amazed by all that came to light so quickly! More than anything, it left me feeling seen, empowered and lit up from head to toe! 

With my Chiron Return closely approaching, I embarked on a 15 month long journey with The Chironium and School of Living Astrology to greatly enhance my understanding of the roots of Astrology while deepening my foundation of The Living Astrology model - encompassing nature, the elemental patterns and planetary energies. I entered the program with a well-rounded and grounded understanding of astro-herbalism (plants+planets) through the School of Evolutionary Herbalism with Sahah Popham.

I am an intuitive guide, with a background in Reiki, Tarot/Oracle readings, meditation and shamanic practices. I have discovered astrology to be a wonderful way and tool to weave the myriad of healing arts together. I am passionate about astrology and all the ways  in which it has enhanced my life and daily practices! I really do love it and am always learning something new! In all transparency, I am just scratching below the surface. As it is truly a vast language and art that is a lifetime practice! However, it's not so much about what you know, but how you use it to be of best service, right?

Passing on the torch of the primordial spark, I now embark on a new chapter of this journey. To be a mentor and guide on the path of empowerment and illumination is my passion. My joy is the Quest and all the aha moments, insights and spontaneous openings that come to light!

Go ahead and plant for a fun, interactive and spontaneous experience, inspiring full engagement and presence. Best to create a space and time where you will be free of any distractions. Think of it as making a date for tea with a friend with a dash of ceremonial cheer!

INTRODUCTORY FRIENDLY DONATION: $75 US (approximately 2 hours on Zoom.) (sliding scale available upon request if needed.)

FEEL FREE to Venmo me: @AliSun-Trees to embark on this adventure and Astrological Quest! Or purchase below from my additional website, mandalas.org.

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