What an amazingly rich and potent time it is to be alive at this time!

As so much is shifting and activating at this time on our beloved home planet, we are coming to the realization that it is becoming increasingly beneficial to our health and well being to take a moment to return to our roots and restore our relationships, once again!

Overall, collective consciousness speaking, we are experiencing a split and polarization among our relationships with Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

It is one of the fundamental root causes of dis-ease at this time. Causing great pain and suffering on all levels.

It is truly remarkable how much is coming to light to be released and restored to wholeness.

With great change, reveals its many gifts! 

This is where our plants friends come in. They are truly great teachers for humanity at this time. Have you noticed their presence growing increasingly popular? Apothecaries and plant spirit medicine circles popping up, everywhere...

Our plant allies offer us a unique lens to look through. All of nature does. Just like us, the consciousness of plants hold the keys and codes to a world, dynamic and whole.

Empowering, isn't it? To feel and know that we are an extension of Nature. Interconnected. Naturally attuned with the Infiniteness of the earth below and stars above.

Nature is rooting for us. The plants are giggling with delight. Its's quite contagious the joy laughter and curiosity! But we have to ask...and with respect...oh, and let's not forget to share our gratitude by offering them a gift!

IMAGINE a humanity who once again lives in accordance to the rhythms and patterns of nature, once again?

What better way to explore the intelligence and multi-dimensional nature of the world we live in, than to embark on an adventure with our fellow kindred spirits!

As a group, we will tune in and open to the magic of the moment with open hearts and spacious minds... truly is infinite what a powerfully potent circle can weave together at this time!

auntie owl



AS MYSTIC TRAVELERS on a kindred path, we will journey into the natural world, where we will have the opportunity to meet up with benevolent plant spirits and nature beings, naturally and spontaneously.

A creative space is being woven to engage the senses, as we attune to the frequencies and vibrations of Gaia, while accessing multi dimensional states that bring us into resonance with that which is a vibrational match.

Welcoming our plant allies, with kindness and generosity of spirit, we will embark on an adventure to inspire plant communication and promote energetic  transformational shifts that has the potential to shift our realities!