ANCIENT ASTROLOGY FOR THE MODERN MYSTIC with Adam Elenbass of Nightlight Astrology. Current studies in Hellenistic Astrology - 3 year program

THE CHIRONIUM & THE SCHOOL OF LIVING ASTROLOGY with Astrologer Tyler Penor - 15 month program - Journey around the astrological year engaging with the elemental expressions and planetary energies.

ASTRO-HERBALISM @ THE SCHOOL OF EVOLUTIONARY HERBALISM with Herbalist Sajah Popham - Astro-Herbalism is the most in-depth online program integrating the practice of medical astrology and clinical herbalism, where you learn one of the oldest and most precise tools in Western medical traditions.

THE GAIA SCHOOL of Healing and Earth Education with Herbalist Marysia Miernowska - The Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education offers The Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship -- a 10 month long course in folk herbalism, plant spirit medicine, holistic healing and Earth-centered spirituality.

GAIA RHYTHMS with Herbalist and Teacher Marysia Miernowska - The Gaia (For Gaia Graduates/Year 2) School of Healing & Earth Education offers The Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship - 10 month long course in folk herbalism, plant spirit medicine, holistic healing and Earth-centered spirituality. Focus on Biodynamic Gardening  practices. 

EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGY with Steven Forrest - Independant Learning/Online Classes

MEDICAL ASTROLOGY & HERBALISM with Matthew Wood & Judith Hill - 12 month program weaving the Sun signs in relationship with plants and planets.

CONSTELLATION OF PSYCHE series with Adam Sommer - Planets Signs/24 months

ORACLE and TAROT Intuitive Readings for personal empowerment and offering reflection on ones path.

BIDDY TAROT Platform - A year long journey reading Tarot Cards for the community.

MEDITATION GUIDE @ MEDITATION MOUNT in Ojai, California -  Facilitator of  Morning Meditations and Guided Walking Meditations - Planetary Service



FLOWER ESSENCES  CERTIFIED Star Essence PRACTITIONER @ Star Essences Santa Barbara 

CELESTIAL HERBALISM with Arjun Das engaging in a study of celestial plant medicine. A synthesis of plants and planets.

PAINTING FROM THE SOURCE with AVIVA GOLD Art Medicine Woman - (workshop assistant/space holder) - Gifted as an exhibited artist, teacher, group leader, and public speaker, Aviva Gold has evolved from art therapist/teacher and psychotherapist in private practice into a spiritual guide through painting. 

COSMIC ARTIST  Intuitively  Channeled light transmissions and vibrational mystical art pieces for personal and planetary openings. Paintings and drawings. Writings. Artist & graphic designer of the Luminous Vision Cards.

ART OF GOD with BROOKS GREENE BARTON - space holder & workshop assistant for a 3 year intensive program inviting leaders into their full capacity to encourage society partnerships with Humanity, Mother Nature as God/Source. Ambassador program.


...and much much more! 🙂




for AliSun Trees "Auntie Owl"

"AliSun Trees...In your presence and healing nature you helped me to access my roots, bringing me into alignment with my personal power; you helped me to ignite my spirituality. A new sense of serenity emerged and set me free to love life. To live love again. You precious woman. Mighty Goddess. Love to you." Ives

"WOW! Thank you so much! That was a great reading - very detailed and it covered so many things! The way you described everything was beautiful; all the questions have me thinking about things. I feel hope for the future and that everything is going to be okay." Elit

"Auntie OWL held an amazing container and created a magical experience that wove together Tom and I in Sacred Union and included my kids to form a NEW FAMILY. Her deep wisdom of earth medicine and expansive capacity to hold an exquisite energetic field allowed on organic alchemy to unfold in the highest opportunity of our Sacred Union and Family Reorganizing. Anointing oils and special tea blends were woven into the ceremony perfectly energizing our ceremony, along with her amazing attention to detail supported the "LOVE FEST”. I am eternally grateful!" Carolyn Hernandez

"Thank You! I am extremely overwhelmed with how much I resonated and felt connected to this reading. It felt very personal and tailor made. You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. I felt transported into your space of practice." Anastasija Grezlova

"I feel empowered and inspired to trust the universe and break free from old patterns that are holding me back while understanding why they held me back in the past. Thank you so very much for being in this giving energy, I really needed it." Eira

"Let me start out by saying that you are amazing. That was a very accurate reading and it resonated on a very deep level. Thank you for the reminder regarding abundance, following my path, the power I posses and that it's ok to be proud of my accomplishments." Markus

"I had been complaining of an extremely sore elbow, caused from one of my many "hobbies," I believe it may have been a wake boarding or jet skiing related injury. I had visited the doctor and was given pain medicine as treatment, but it was not getting better. It was just being masked by the drugs. I asked ALISUN if she could try to help me with the pain I was feeling in my elbow. I remember it being excruciating. She of course was willing to help. I sat down in a chair outside and I listened to her and visualized healing energy moving into me as she put her hands on or just surrounding the affected area. I don't remember many details, but when we were finished, my elbow was red HOT and no longer hurt. Not only did it not hurt, it never hurt again!" Jason Houghton