Your Astrology Quest…



One that is fun, engaging, empowering & illuminating! Take a moment to tune in. Curious to experience life through the lens of Astrology as an incredibly creative divinatory art? Come see what your birth chart reveals from the comfort of your own home. Make a cup of tea and let's gather for an engaging conversation! One-on-one gatherings are held on Zoom. For best results, please create a space for yourself where you will be free of distractions & interruptions. This is a time just for YOU! 

I remember so very clearly that sunny summer day when a dear friend and star sister offered me one of my very first astrology readings.

It was short, sweet and spontaneous! and WOW did it light me up from head to toe! From that day forward I became hooked and ever since I have been making leaps and bounds into my studies with an array of astrologers integrating a holistic practice of both ancient and modern teachings and techniques. The art of Astrology has provided a structure & framework for my healing arts practice inviting insights and intuition to flow through, naturally and spontaneously.

Our capacity to feel, sense and perceive life illuminates our path as we invite the natural & celestial world to speak to us.

Through the Astrological lens we are offered keys and clues to how to navigate our lives. Signs and synchronicities in our daily life become filled with meaning and purpose, offering a greater sense of clarity and interconnectedness with all of life. Our relationships thrive and we shine bright like the SUN as we live from a place of interconnectedness, naturally aligning with our personal and planetary cycles and rhythms, personally and collectively.

Astrology is wide and vast.

We will keep our focus on the area(s) of life along with the astrological signatures & planetary alignments that are speaking to us the most in our time together. My hope is that you feel a renewed spark and energetic shift, as you navigate your path forward with valuable insights and practical down-to-earth wisdom! 


YOUR ASTROLOGY QUEST: $90 US dollars. 90 minutes. Zoom meeting. Audio version available upon request within 24 hours of our meeting.

Please note* Your exact birth time and location is vital for our Astrology Quest together. It allows for a more informed and accurate read of your chart. Thank You so much.

A Quest in Munich, Germany

"Stars have aligned for a special meeting which I can sense in my whole being. I am feeling joy, a lightness and sweetness that is real. I feel like a child that gets to play and explore something wonderful." I am going to meet a friend I love and is full of JOY! " Anne Molinari