EMBARK ON An Astrological  JOURNEY with AliSun Trees

ASTROLOGY has the potential to awaken your reality, naturally and spontaneously! You know those inspired & aha! moments when you just feel intuitively that something rings true for you! Everything suddenly and spontaneously shines and sparkles that much brighter...The wisdom shared though the lens of Astrology helps us to rekindle that spark within while illuminating the path forward. As we reclaim our personal power & presence we shine bright like the SUN while feeling a greater connection with all of life.

ASTROLOGY as a path to re-member, re-kindle and re-wild who & what we are!


ASTROLOGY is the study of the motions and relative positions of planets, sun and moon, interpreted in terms of human characteristics and activities. (as written in the dictionary) Astrology speaks to us through symbols, glyphs and myths  woven through time and space. Cultures all around the globe have charted the movements of the stars observing significant patterns & worldly events here on Earth.

Astrology is an incredible & insightful tool for navigating our daily lives with purpose and presence. Cultivating a greater awareness & understanding of our true essential nature revitalizes our energy and well being while attuning us to personal and planetary cycles & rhythms, internally and externally. Through the Astrological lens we are given an invaluable tool that offers us a direct way of seeing & perceiving life through the patterns reflected in our natural environments. From plants to planets and people and all of life in between and beyond we begin to not only see a direct correlation with the universe, but have a direct and visceral experience of it.

Your personal birth chart as our compass & guide.

IMAGINE for a moment you are entering a forest, wide and vast. A mere glimpse of the map offers you an inspired step, leap & direction forward. As you point your compass in the direction you wish to go, you travel along the path with a sense of wonder and curiosity. As we  dance around your birth chart, the story, gifts (and themes) of your life - that which you wish to explore - will naturally and spontaneously emerge. 

Your birth chart is a star map of the day you were born.

Your natal birth chart is a map of the specific placements of the signs, houses and planets at the time and place (location) of your birth. Each chart has their very own unique signature of "stars" that offers clues & insights into  your very nature. Your natal birth chart is a reflection of where the planets were in the sky at the very time & location of your birth. Your exact birth time (or super close) and location of birth are an important for an in-depth astrology reading. As this is what sets up the house system and locates your Rising Sign. (AC) 

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“Wow, Thank You so much. That was a great reading – very detailed and it covered so many things.”Markus

What is an Astrology Quest like?

First and foremost, an Astrology Quest is fun, inviting dialogue  & engagement as the birth chart comes to life through inspiring conversation! We will first begin with a brief sharing & attunement, as we open to the highest  opportunity for our Quest together. We will bring into awareness the primary personal symbols of the chart like your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign as well as any significant aspects "relationship" patterns between planets and signs to them. We will look to the elemental patterns as well as other significant symbols like the nodes of the moon in your chart that intuitively speak to us. We will dance around the chart touching upon the planets, signs and houses in a way that brings to light that which you wish to explore.

We will look to  a few key current transits & astrological points of importance that have great potential to serve you upon your path in the coming days, months and year(s). You will have the opportunity to zoom in on specific areas of your life by choosing your most significant topic that you would like to explore for our time together.  Astrology is vast, so remember the more clear the Question(s), the greater the insights! I have a Questionnaire Form that I provide when you sign up! 

JOIN ALISUN TREES on an Astrological Quest!

Remember, it is the journey, not the destination... 🙂

It is in the dialogue of the Questions that the spark is rekindled, opening doorways illuminating the path forward!

My role is simply to be an ally and intuitive guide for Your personal astrological Quest & Consult. Be at peace knowing that the space will be held in the most sacred of ways. Each person & birth chart is held with the greatest of mutual respect & with utmost integrity and love.

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“Everything in my reading resonates. I agree with your interpretation and it feels good to have the confirmation.”Amy M.
You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
C.S. Lewis