Your Astrology Quest…

Explore the planetary symbols and astrological signatures woven throughout your birth chart in a fun, interactive and embodied way.

We will begin our journey first and foremost by attuning to the astrological energies inherent in your natal birth chart while bringing our awareness to the transits. A fancy way of saying our current planetary alignments in the sky.

We will set the compass in the direction you wish to go as we follow the symbolic signs and synchronicities being illuminated in your birth chart prompted by the questions asked.

My hope is that you feel a renewed spark of inspiration as you navigate your path forward as you gain valuable insights and practical down-to-earth wisdom! 

YOUR ASTROLOGY QUEST: $90 US dollars. 90 minutes. Zoom meeting. Audio version available upon request within 24 hours of our meeting.

Please note* Your exact birth time and location is vital for our Astrology Quest together. It allows for a more informed and accurate read of your chart. Thank You so much. A Questionnaire will follow upon purchase.