Buckle up. We’re going for a ride.

It’s the late 80’s in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. I am a junior in high school at a friends family New Years Eve party when my whole world suddenly gets rocked upside down at the helm of my very first palm reading. The music is pumping. Hip hop, jubilant merry making and laughter fill the air.

Two giggling aunties are seated in chairs awaiting to tell our futures. One positioned to the right, the other to the left. Entering their vortex, I feel a visceral shift. Surprised by the sudden electricity & heat coming over me, I trust that it is safe to hand my palms over to my dear friends aunties. My two friends go first. I volunteer to go last.

Now my turn, auntie calls me up to the chair in front of her. I reach my palms out to meet hers in a mysterious spiral dance.

I am greeted with a warm smile and a respectful nod. Relax, she says…. Relax your handsyou feel tense…She begins by caressing my hands gently and looking over both palms in a spiral motion. Gazing up and down and all around looking for cues and signs within all the mysterious lines, she pauses, piercing the veil deep down below the surface. Zeroing in further, she locates precisely the major zone of interest.

An inquisitive look appears on her face as she turns to face auntie #2. A perplexing gaze stirs my imagination. Something feels off…fear sweeps in…What on Earth does she see, I wonder to myself?

Auntie remains aloof as she turns to her sister to reveal her findings. Speaking in their native tongue, Filipino, I do my best to read between the lines of where their words and body language meet. They look to me and smile empathetically.

At all costs, no one dare address the elephant in the room.

“You will be ok, not to worry.” Auntie gently taps and returns my hand with an empathic look and a polite smile. Laughter has lost its presence in my inner space. I am left dazed and confused. I am now suddenly worried for my future, when just moments before I am dancing to the beat of lightness and laughter.

What on earth just happened? I can’t even see straight. A haze appears in the room that doesn’t seem to lift. I have no recollection of what was said next. The sounds in the room awaken my senses, returning me back to a rather bustling party. My friends manage to divert my attention away from the reading, saying not to worry that it was all for fun anyway.

Astrologers will say that your whole entire life is in the birth chart. If you know where to look you can find it. I imagine, palm readers, the same. That’s super powerful stuff right? It takes faith, courage and trust to give permission to someone to peer into the depths of our souls like that.

Flash forward 6 years later, just a couple following my moms passing, I have a similar encounter.

This time I am looking to rent a room in a house in Venice Beach. A cute little Spanish style abode in the hood awaits. A hop, skip and jump away to LAX and the Barnyard were my new boyfriend lives. I love the vibe of the house. It’s a healers home in the center of Venice Beach. Perfect, really. Super close to the beach, Abbott Kinney and the Venice Boardwalk. All places where I feel at home.

A bohemian woman wearing a colorful flowing dress and long blond hair greets me at the door. We exchange pleasantries and hit it off right away. She invites me over to her purple velvet couch by the window. Sun rays pour into the space casting a gentle glow upon our faces. It’s high noon, sunny and bright, yet a natural soft glow stream lightly through the nearby window.

What’s your sign, she asks?

Scorpio! I respond enthusiastically. Intrigued by her approach, I agree to share my birth info. Sure, why not, I am both delighted and inspired by her unconventional ways for choosing a house mate. Without any hesitation, I give her the details, with the exception of my birth time.

She types my date of birth and location into her computer program. Diligently scanning my natal chart, I patiently wait as the sacred wheel is spun. She loves me. She loves me not. Am I in or am I out? Should I stay or should I go? The room subtly and slowly begins to shift energetically as she looks for any mysterious signs or clues.

The room now grows to a palpable silence. Everything moves in slow motion as I read her body language, offering me clues to my destined future. The magical bright mood in the room turns down a few notches to a dimmer more subdued light. A slight uneasiness settles in as the feeling of home and hearth begins to slip away delicately with each breath.

What started out as a happy go lucky conversation about the healing arts and life in Venice just moments before ends in…“I am sorry, but it’s not going to work out. You seem really nice though. We just wouldn’t be compatible living together. I hope you understand. Good luck on your quest for home.”

Conversation over. NO questions asked. No explanation either. Her mind is made up and I must accept that. I gather my things and move forward on my Quest for home and hearth.


To allow ourselves to be “read” or seen by another in a soulful way can be a vulnerable experience. Especially if you are just meeting for the first time and in front of you stands a person holding the keys to your potential destiny and potential movements. Being reduced to symbols on an astrological chart can do much more harm than good, leaving someone feel disempowered or feeling lacking in some way. On the other hand, sometimes we see a significant sign that jumps out at us and we just know with every fiber of our being that going with our intuition is for our own good and that of others, hopefully.

One of the greatest gifts received in my astrological practice is that Life is cyclical, ever changing and ever evolving. Nothing is written in stone. I do believe signs and synchronicities are vitally important in bringing to light what is vital to see. How we navigate our path forward through the journey of our lives is our creative energy in action.

In my heart of hearts, I feel Astrology has leapt back full force into my life to reclaim what was once natural to me and our ancestars AND to re-kindle an art form that illuminates and empowers our purpose and path in a super safe and complimentary way! After all, each life is sacred and unique on this path to wholeness and oneness in constellation with the Stars….

ALISUN TREES – “AUNTIE OWL” weaves transformational healing stories for all life on Planet Earth as a catalyst for growth and change, integration and expansion in celebration of these incredibly potent times.

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