Who is auntie owl?



NESTLED HERE  in Northern California AMONG bay laurels, ferns, redwoods and douglas firs, each day greets with a magickal touch. Cool ocean mists silhouette the tall standing trees spilling over the hilltops rising out to the sea. Morning SUN in the east casts a dappled light here in the wintery days rolling out to the California coastal redwoods. 

GREETINGS! My name is AliSun Trees aka "Auntie Owl."....I am a weaver of sorts...an intuitive reiki practitioner, oracle reader, practicing astrologer as well as a visual artist and nature lover among many things!

NATURE has always been a guiding light and true compass upon my life's journey. At a young age, I would sit in butterfly position under a tree or by the sea, lifting into higher dimensions beyond time and space. Flying through the astral planes one early spring day at the age of 6 in the form of a terribly timed cartwheel, I fell forehead first onto a concrete slab. That day I saw the brightest constellation of stars, awakening my vision (3rd eye) further more. I was met face to face with the underworld, experiencing not only the light, but the dark (shadowy) side of life as well.

My life has been enlivened with worldly adventures, mystical experiences and spontaneous initiations having a rippling effect in all facets and dimensions of my reality. It has and continues to be a life long journey of integration & embodiment. I am eternally grateful for the full gamut of life experiences and divine synchronicities that have brought me into relationship with incredible allies, guides and extraordinary teachers along the way.
Returning to Maui following several years of world travel & a series of spiritual Quests, I received a vision during a personal pilgrimage at a magical stream side labyrinth. The changing of the winds spoke to me through the emerald green fronds swaying back and forth as if escorting me out of the spiral circle and on to my new life. It was 2015 and while my wish was to stay on the island, it became clear to me that it was time for me to return to the mainland for my next round of initiations and teachings.
The Quest continues as I continue my journey while supporting fellow kindred spirits to re-member, re-kindle and re-wild new ways of being and seeing that are authentic and real to ones true nature.

One of my greatest joys is living in communion with the natural world. Touching that divine spark and intelligence that pulses through you and me, everyone and everything.
Auntie OWL

“Auntie OWL…
In your presence and healing nature you helped me to access my roots, bringing me into alignment with my personal power; you helped me to ignite my spirituality. A new sense of serenity emerged and set me free to love life. To live love again. You precious woman. Mighty Goddess. Love to you.”IVES *Croatia

"AUNTIE OWL held an amazing container and created a magical experience that wove together Tom and I in Sacred Union and included my kids to form a NEW FAMILY. It was a beautiful dance of honoring each other. It supported openings of our hearts, minds and souls to align with each other. Her deep wisdom of earth medicine and expansive capacity to hold an exquisite energetic field allowed on organic alchemy to unfold in the highest opportunity of our Sacred Union and Family Reorganizing. Anointing oils and special teas blends were woven into the ceremony perfectly energizing our ceremony, along with her amazing attention to detail supported the “LOVE FEST”. I am eternally grateful!"

Carolyn Hernandez * California