Threes a charm. Two false starts this morning. One to go. Let’s see where it flows.

Writing for me is like catching a wave. I get inspired. Begin typing. Enter the flow state. Feel like I am flying high and then something shifts. I lose the flow, the momentum, the dance, the music of what is coming through. It’s not my first time surfing the waves. Every surfer knows that there is always a next wave. And well, it’s often the case that it’s the best wave of the break. So, I’ll trust the flow.

Ok. before leaving that train of thought. I will stick with it. I will be honest with myself and gather the threads of what is here in this moment to be shared. No massaging of words, looking for the deeper meaning and saying it in just the right way…and share it with all of you…my friends, family, audience, creative posse….

My Big little secret. ssshhhh… I am a multi-dimensional being. Part human part Cosmic in nature. Always have known this about myself. And well, I imagine if you are reading this there is a part of you, if not all of you that knows it to be true for yourself or at least a humbling reality that it potentially exists.

I grew up in the generation just before everyone was getting diagnosed with ADHD. I was one of the lucky ones to have slipped through the cracks on this one. Free of labels and concerns. Although, I did have a speech issue. An impedement that rocked me to the core. But, that has long passed. It slowed me down a bit for a while, but not forever. It also made me more compassionate and patient, while heightening my other multi-dimensional senses. Everything has its gifts, right? Even the great big challenging things. At least that is how it works in my world, so to speak.

– ADHD – ATTENTION DIALED INTO A HIGHER DIMENSION – yep, that’s me! NO, I’m not diagnosing myself. But, I hear this term a lot and if I were to identify with anything, it would be potentially these four capital letters. Just for the sake of describing and bringing it to light. For that is what I do…bring things to light. Even in those places that no light shines through…I like to shine a light…Lifting veils so that the light eventually cracks through. Is it my Scorpio nature? Yes, Perhaps. Part of the story, at least. Sprinkled in with a Scorpio Sun rising and Leo Midheaven. Well, we’ve got a healthy balance of light and dark at play here!

Thank Goddess for my meditation practice as it helps to bring a structure to my thoughts and words. I sometimes have a lot to say but end up saying nothing at all. The key to my writing practice is to listen for the melody…follow the notes…and the divine flow. If I can’t hear the harmony in my words, I start again. It’s that important to my creative process..

Life is happening at every moment. How can I not weave in to this little ditty that a giant yellow butterfly with black markings has now circled me 4-5-6-7 times. Yes. you have my full undivided attention, butterfly. 🙂 “Flow…flow..flow freely…and in spirals…the butterfly says”….It’s a gift to be so free. 

With all that being said, I appreciate structure and the musical harmony that sings and pops and stays in tune. In full circle fashion and with transparency, the Saturn/Moon transit dancing through my birth chart at the moment was my initial post. Perhaps, tomorrow or the next, I shall jump timelines and ride that wave into the future.

..and so the weaving of the story goes…

Love and Light,

AliSun Trees “aka Auntie Owl” 

Astrology Guide – Planetary Artist – Light Bringer – Wyrd Weaver – Plant Apprentice

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