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While walking among the forest this morning, I received a rather clear and insightful message.

While I absolutely love and am passionate about offering the in-depth "Your Astrology Quest(s)," I realize that at times we may only have time for a quick get to the heart of the matter astrology reading. Sometimes, we are simply looking for that quick reflection, confirmation or spontaneous spark to light us up from head to toe. We will look at the the most significant transits for your astrological reading.

Please note* Your exact birth time and location is vital for our Astrology Quest together. It allows for a more informed and accurate read of your chart.

Following payment, you will receive a follow up email with a link to a Questionnaire form that will greatly support our time together!

$40 US dollars. 35 minutes. Click button. below or feel free to venmo me if you prefer! – @AliSun-Trees

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