Catching the Jupiter – Uranus wave…

Riding the waves alongside Jupiter & Uranus is exciting! Ecstatic. Electrifying. Extraordinary. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with these two dynamic mythical super heroes of the Cosmos? Even for a brief moment of time.

Would this planetary alignment go unnoticed today, if I or we were totally unaware of the astrological alignments shaping form? Hard to say. It’s too late anyway, at least for me. Being bit by the Astrology bug many, many moons ago, I now live in awe and in communion with the stirrings and cycles of the planets and stars. Perhaps, you can relate.

As the larger than life planet Jupiter nudges closer towards Uranus by the minute. Second. Mili-second. I imagine it would be hard to not feel something dynamic happening in the air.

Today, Uranus and Jupiter will form a conjunction (a merging together) in Venus’ temple (house) in the steady moving sign of Taurus at 21 degrees. Tropically speaking. Their planetary bodies are merging and mingling together again, officially, following a 14 year cycle. Marking a new beginning. A new cycle ’round. Think back 14 years ago…Can you remember what was happening in your life…and in the world at that time?

How does it feel when Jupiter the planet of expansion and cohesion – one of great faith and beneficence steps fully into the quantum field of a far out planet like Uranus? Feels like fireworks to me! 

Nothing lives in a vacuum in Astrology. In life, for that matter. Is it uncanny that the Sun is in a dynamic square (tense relationship, yet dynamic) with Pluto the same day(s) as well? Perhaps less prominent than the Jupiter Uranus dance, but who’s to say. It’s a super powerful potent combo, after all! And especially if it’s making a significant transit in our personal birth charts. Not to mention the Full Moon forming on the horizon. So much happening at once. That’s Astrology for you! šŸ™‚ That’s life, right?

I mean, WOW! Wasn’t it just a week or so ago that we globally took in the breathtaking Solar Eclipse?

Life is cyclical. Just like the moons journey through the sky and zodiac. One night the moon is hidden from sight (new moon), another night slightly curved into a crescent form…growing gradually into a quarterly moon, eventually expanding to reach its brightest luminosity and blossoming as a full moon..Followed by a cycle of waning, a dissolution if you will…. Wax on, Wax off, repeat.

Jupiter and Uranus come into alignment Saturday April 20th in an exact conjunction Pacific Time at 7:27pm. Two superheroes in the sky with mythical stories of their own for better or for worse! If you think of this alignment it’s akin to a New Moon as it’s a seeding point of a new synodic cycle. It will take 14 years for Jupiter and Uranus to grow and evolve together among its many configurations in the stars.

Catching the wave of this 14 year cycle of Jupiter and Uranus dancing in the sky is an incredibly exciting alignment. What will its reunion bring to life for us symbolically? Personally? Collectively? Expect the unexpected, right? A time brimming with potentials and possibilities!

As I sat in the forest this morning, I tuned into the alignment of these two great planetary beings. The mood felt electric. The birds vocal. The wind lightly swaying the tip-y tops of the trees. I was transported.

Waves upon waves of energy flowed through my body as I opened to the flow of the exchange. Was it Jupiter and Uranus conspiring in the skies? Or was it simply my active imagination, as my mom would often say. šŸ™‚ I imagine a healthy mixture of both.

And what to make of the Sun Pluto Square that is collectively humming in the background? What currents are brewing deep down in the underworld realms (Pluto) beyond the surface of our every day reality that is provoking us to embody our raw power (Pluto) and life’s path(Sun). How do we feel about the direction of our lives…personally and collectively? Are we due for a course direction or a subtle shift of consciousness? Squares such as the one with the Sun and Pluto often present a bit of a challenge…Perhaps symbolically signifying a breakthrough around the corner. Life is mysterious. We often see it in hindsight. Looking back upon events. But, sometimes, we catch the wave and navigate life’s twists and turns with greater awareness. Simply by tuning in. Listening…Engaging…maybe even catching a wave or two.

Not every transit is easy. If it was how would we create revolutionary change in our lives and in the world if we didn’t sometimes have something to bump up against. Not every day is sunshine and roses. Or maybe it is. Who am I to say?

Listening for keys and clues…our journey around the Sun is filled with helpful insights and natural synchronicities. Simply by looking up at the sky at night and locating the planetary waves streaming through our birth charts, we can tune in and ride with the cosmic tides.

AliSun Trees aka Auntie Owl 

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