As the Zodiacal Wheel turns…

Emerging from a winter deep and transformative, I feel the gravitational pull of the darker days and long moonlit nights gradually dissolving and lifting away. Suns’ luminous rays are now rejoicing as it travels along the ecliptics path, freely filtering through the Northern Hemisphere.

Aries, the sign of fire and the combustive spark of Mars, initiates the Astrological New Year. Our beloved Spring Equinox, is here, alas! Salud & Sun Salutations to this fiery, hot, inspired, quick, impulsive, initiating time of year!

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are met with the sweet release of winters’ hold as we thrust open our windows and doors welcoming in a breath of fresh air that only Springtime can bring. As birdsong, laughter and life return, we emerge. We engage. Hopefully stepping forth with an enlivened sense of renewal and excitement for the coming days.

It sure has been a rich and fertile winter here in the forest, with a considerable amount of rainfall filling up the creeks and rivers naturally flowing and streaming out to the sea. The forest is intoxicating with new shoots and touches of trillium, wild orchids and nettles rising up among the Redwoods, Green Ferns and Douglas Firs.

West county (Sonoma) has been blessed with bright fluorescent greens all winter long.

The woods were not without its wild and stormy days this winter. It’s as if the wind and rain joined forces enthusiastically dropping “bomb cyclone’s” and “atmospheric rivers” in the most tender of places, leaving fallen trees and branches in its wake. All the while giving the forest its annual wildly eccentric haircut.

That’s life in the forest these days as we have come to know, love and accept.

The lesson of Impermanence has not escaped us. We can hold on to the idea that things will be here just as they were yesterday. Expecting that the wild things will remain in its original form to find a natural cyclical twist of fate awaiting turning & churning life into compost, rubble and mush. In the forest, life happens. Earth moves, trees quake and new landscapes are formed. Often overnight! It’s definitely something that has caught our attention out this way in our neck of the woods as of late. Perhaps you can relate?

As the zodiacal wheel turns, we give thanks and gratitude as we compost and let go of what was, gleaning the gifts and all that is creatively bursting forth in our lives. Pisces reminds us of the nature of letting go, dissolving into the everything & nothingness. Surrendering to the wholeness. the Oneness. Compassionately so.

I have been thinking a lot about the symbol of Pisces these days and how in its glyph we see two fish swimming in opposite directions. One fish bearing its way towards the light, the other fish submerging into the deepest and darkened depths of the watery sea far below the surface.

Its mutability symbolizing the duality within its Piscean nature.

As the season of Pisces shakes off the last moments of winters’ light, the Sun dips into Aries, guiding us into the most luminous, fertile and vibrant time of the year. May we navigate the waters in ways that inspire and illuminate our paths ahead. We know the days ahead will have its significant challenges. As well as its joys! With the eclipses right around the corner how can it not get exciting!

Beaming Sunshine & Equinox Blessings to you and yours from our neck of the woods.

Love and Light, AliSun Trees aka “Auntie Owl”

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