Your Astrology Guide

NAVIGATING THE EARTH AND STARS as an Astrology Guide has been one of Synchronicity and Surprise!

The Universe responds to our wishes and prayers in the most auspicious of ways, only to blossom when the time is right! This is how my path as an Astrology Guide came into my life this dance around the Sun...

In 2012, I embarked on a personal and planetary Quest around the world. It was a profound time of creativity and transformation. While life was incredibly sweet and blessed in Ojai, living among an amazing and eclectic community of fellow teachers, healers and allies, I was at crossroads in life. I could feel something nudging me forward in a new direction. Curious and open hearted like the Fool in the Tarot, I traveled light and went on my way. 

Traveling and living around the world for nearly 4 years, was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Our life. Bear was with me. Some of you may remember our travel website, owl and bear.

Upon the adventure, every sign and synchronicity imaginable continued to emerge upon my path, from the subtle to the extraordinary!

While traveling among the sacred mountains of Northern Mexico, in San Miguel Se Allende, a kismet and spontaneous meeting brought me to the doorstep of an amazing mayan healer (curandera) and mayan astrology guide. In this meeting, a spark and activation spontaneously rekindled my connection with the ancient art of Astrology in a deeply profound way. 

It soon became clear to me that the tapestry of my life was becoming fuller and brighter as I opened to all the new adventures and opportunities presented to me upon the path. From dreams and scribblings of astrological symbols on paper, to Astrology books lunging out to me from new age bookstores. To living in Ojai where every day is an opportunity for star talk, to amazing astrologers I have met upon my traveling path. Every step of the journey, the gradual gravitational pull of the stars had been weaving this tapestry in the background all along.

The natural progression of events started to make sense even in those moments of uncertainty. From living among villages and small towns all around the world, to visiting sacred sites and pyramids, to planting potent seeds within the quantum field of labyrinths and sacred places, I was being steeped in everything astrological. 

Once the spark was lit, there was no turning back. All the friends, allies, teachers and experiences came on the scene creating a win win scenario with a resounding full body Yes to follow my Quest. Now that I live in the forest where I am deepening my roots, the Quest share with all of You!