The Astrology Guide


My Path as a Practicing Astrologer has been one of synchronicity and surprise!

     At times in our life, the Universe responds to our prayers in a way that is subtle and gradual, only to blossom when we least expect it. And when the time is ripe. This is how Astrology came into my life this dance around the Sun.  I always felt a resonance with Astrology. I was curious. I actually dreamed of being an Astronaut for a minute. I've been a cosmonaut all of my life. An avid lucid dreamer from the get go. Even when I didn't really realize what I was doing. So, it makes sense. I have dabbled in most all healing arts in one way or another and have been a creative channel for artwork with a cosmic twist for the past two decades, which in is very essence is a telling sign. Every sign imaginable appeared upon my path, from the subtle to the surprising! From Astrology books lunging out to me from bookshelves, to living in Ojai where every day is an opportunity for star talk, to amazing astrologers I have met upon my traveling path. Every step of the journey, I felt the gradual gravitational pull. 

Traveling around the world rekindled my creative spark, illuminating the path ahead & naturally and spontaneously awakening my Astrological Quest.

     My Astrological Quest emerged in my life far before I realized it had. I would say it's been part of my journey all along. While traveling in the northern Mexico mountains, a kismet and spontaneous meeting brought me into relationship with an amazing mayan healer (curandera) and mayan astrology guide. A spark and activation spontaneously rekindled my connection with the ancestors in a way that I had been waiting for my whole entire life. That trip was almost a decade ago. After working together for nearly 2 months, in the practice of mayan meditations, I furthered my travels and followed my heart to the magical village of Tepotzlan, Mexico where I  fell into a circle with amazing healers form around the world. One just happened to be a famous popular astrologer in the new age community! It's as if there were little gems being strewn upon my path all across the planet every step of the way. This is what is so wonderful about travel. Sometimes, we just need to step out of the way and let life lead.
     Looking back now, I see the natural progression of events so very clearly. From living in towns all around the world, to visiting sacred sites and pyramids, to frolicking freely among labyrinths and gardens, I was being steeped in everything astrology. Astrology is after all a reflection of life. Like Hermes once said so beautifully, "As above, so below. As within, as without." I began to see and experience for myself the planetary signatures expressed through the elemental forces in plants, to planets to people. Once hooked, all the people, teachers and experiences came on the scene making it an easy and resounding Yes to explore further! First, I dabbled, then explored and now it's simply just a part of who and what I am! I imagine a world where Astrology will be our second language, maybe even a first! I think it's all comes down to reframing what Astrology is and how speaking the language can truly benefit our day to day lives.