Lavenders Labyrinth…

AUNTIE OWL sweeps her hands delicately through the LAVENDER patch among her spirited spring garden. Swoosh! Tracing the contours of her beloved plant friends, OWL observes and swoons over the rich violet hued landscape before her. Heartbeat to heartbeat, OWL’s daily dose of earthing inspires a skip in her step, invigorating her vitality and strength. All the while, boosting immunity!

Weaving her way through the blossoming garden barefoot and free, OWL’s toes delicately penetrate the rich fertile soil below. Touching the moistness of the mornings dew, she squeals with delight. Each step, slow and steady, her roots unwind to meet the mycelium forest below her feet.

Noticing from the corner of her eye, a playful Hawk fly’s high above and lands on a nearby stoop. “Greetings, dear Hawk. How lovely to feel your presence today.” A visit by Hawk often ushers a rather auspicious weaving of sorts.

Star shaped flowers giggle and wave as AUNTIE OWL continues to walk along the intentionally placed stones leading to the center of the circular mound. Hues of purples and emerald greens bathe the senses with luminous light, bringing nourishment and a sense of well being to everyone and everything in sight.

Swoosh. Serenity. Peace. Calm. Swoosh…

A cool and gentle breeze greets AUNTIE OWL as she centers herself in the warm glow of lavenders presence. The SUN’s vibrant solar rays spiral and dance upon her shoulders, pulsing and penetrating waves of warmth and relaxation from head to toe. Piercing the veil of winters release, OWL receives the gentle transmission of the SUNS solar force.

The scent of LAVENDERs petite purple flowers, sticky and sweet welcomes AUNTIE OWL hOMe into the center of the circle.

Whispering sweetly in OWL’s left ear, LAVENDER offers a direct transmission sending an ecstatic chill up Owl’s spine.

”REST UP dear One. Rest and Relax. The spirit of Lavender offers. Integrate all that has emerged through the past suns and moons. For you have grown and are soon ready to take flight. But, for now…for this very moment. You would be well to prepare wisely yourself for the coming days. FOR It is truly a moment of great awakening. One that will illuminate the course of your path in a new way. Both on a personal and planetary level. Rest in the knowing that you have prepared wisely for this adventure. You will see. Perhaps, more clearly than ever before. You will feel it in the changing of the winds! For today….Remember…Today, you would be wise to rest. As, magic is ‘afoot.

AUNTIE OWL rests her wings in the tall emerald green grasses a few skips on over from the fresh blooming LAVENDER flowers. Peeling her clothes away from her skin, layer by layer, she brings her body close to the Earth. Down…down...down to earth…OWL goes…

“THANK YOU PACHAMAMA”….AUNTIE OWL whispers sweetly to the spirit of the fertile beloved EARTH who is holding her. Nourishing her…Supporting her for the upcoming journey.

Enthusiastically outstretching her arms, palms reaching out towards the SUNS healing rays, AUNTIE OWL greets the SUN who stands directly above.

“Hello Sun. Greetings and SUN SALUTATIONS to YOU… “Thank you, LUMINOUS and radiant ONE, for warming my spirit and beyond today. Thank You for activating the vitality of my whole being. I am so grateful for your healing touch. Your solar force enlivens me. Activates me. For this and so much more, I am eternally grateful. You are a blessing to the planet. To the galaxies. The Universe(s). Oh how everything thrives in your presence. How amazing it is that at every precious rotation of the Earth, there you are at the Center. Oh, how you shine a magnificent golden light that is infinite and wide beyond the senses. What would we do without you? You are pure magic.”

AUNTIE OWL rests gently in the arms of PACHAMAMA. MOTHER EARTH. GAIA. Tucked sweetly in the curvature of the earth, happily rooted and planted spaciously among earths matrices.

Bathed in crystalline light, visionary dreams emerge of a day many moons ago when the waters of the earth were fully abundant and crystal clear. A day when drinking clean water directly from the streams and rivers were a normal daily occurrence. A time when hearing the whisperings of the winds and reading the constellation of the stars was as ordinary as brushing ones teeth.

AUNTIE OWL looks up at the rich azul sky. Mesmerized by the white puffy clouds and luminous light filtering through the plants crystalline form, she rests her eyes to dream. Perceiving the stillness of the mind, her inner landscapes shifts, naturally and spontaneously attuning to a new channel. Her heartbeat slows in a rhythmic dance, as she expands into a vast and spacious abyss. OWL is transported. Lifted. Embracing the coolness of lavenders breath dancing upon her skin, she rests peacefully in the cradle of the earth.

Sweet pungent scents of purple tinted flowers shape shift into kaleidoscope visions streaming naturally through AUNTIE OWL’s heart field and luminous dreamscape…“Remember to Rest. Restore. Rejuvenate, dear One…” LAVENDER gently reminds her. For magic is ‘afoot! You will soon see.

ALISUN TREES – “AUNTIE OWL” weaves transformational healing stories for all life on Planet Earth as a catalyst for growth and change, integration and expansion in celebration of these incredibly potent times.

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