Entering the Portal of the Sacred Dreamtime

The canyon whispers a melodic tone…A stirring in the air ushers me into a deep ecstatic trance. The pulse of Gaia below my feet draws me near. Come closer, Gaia says…Closer. Come down to Earth. Leave your stories behind. Feel the Earth below your feet. Be connected to the pulse points below. The land has been waiting for you.

Red Rock Canyon Park is just a few steps out The Lotus Tent where the Green Witches of The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education are gathered today. We are celebrating the culmination of a two year apprenticeship in Sacred Plant Medicine.

We are invited to take three hours for ourselves. To tune into the medicine and reflect upon this journey we have woven together. We have lived in direct relationship and in harmony with the rhythms of Gaia upon a journey of Self Care/Earth Care woven by our coven of green witches. Led by our rock star beloved sister and teacher Marysia. Our relationships and prayers have been woven deep into the tapestry of Gaia, the Cosmos and the Whole Web of Life. 

We stand at the portal of change and transformation - a time of completion and of new beginnings. As we honor the space and time of our journey together, we hold up a mirror for each other, engaging all our senses, as we enter through the portal of our new life. A moment of Chrysalis emerging…A Gaia's Awakening!

In these sweet moments of solitude and retreat, I gather my camera and quietly leave the circle to follow the breath of Spirit upon my skin.

Two ravens perched high above in the trees capture my attention.

These magnificent winged ones are the stewards of this land. Raven has been a powerful ally upon our journey. I recall a new friend in Sedona, gifting me her beloved Raven pendant just before signing up for Gaia School. Anointed with sacred oils and with the power of intention of prayers offered to me on my Soul Spirited path and travels ahead. Powerful medicine whispered among the vortexes...

I pass through the faery portal onto the dusty road. Oh, this land. It truly amazes me. Right here in the middle of Topanga Canyon. We are so blessed.

As the last of the coastal mist lifts, the suns rays illuminate the path ahead. The Red Rocks sparkle with warmth and vibrancy.

Winding around the corner, the Red Rocks grow larger. And taller. The voice of the Ancestors speak powerfully here in the canyon. In the stillness one becomes present to their gentle nudges and whisperings. ~When we are aware and present everything seems to come alive.~ All we have to do is bend an open ear, tune into ones heart field, naturally and spontaneously shifting consciousness to become one with the essence and spirit of that which we we are engaging with. For in each and every crevice and crack in the soil, there is a song. There is story. There is an opportunity for deep expansive communion.

I scan to the right, then to the left, noticing the tall pillars of the Red Stone Peoples standing high above. I hear them call me forth. Closer, they say! We have been waiting for you.

I sprinkle a blend of blue cornflowers from my medicine pouch and make offerings to the Ancestors, to the nature spirits and to Gaia. I stand and greet each direction, offering prayers of gratitude to the Seven Sacred Directions. As I connect with the Ancestors, I  drop to the ground and kiss the earth below. The dusty dirt upon my lips and forehead initiate me into a momentary passage way into the magickal world of the Sacred Dreamtime.

In the presence of the Ancestors, I notice a shift of consciousness emerging.

Receiving a resounding YES to enter into communion and sacred prayer with the land, the ancestors and the plant spirits, I journey forward. Waves of energy ripple and dance freely throughout my body, weaving both a protective and connective field around my spirit as I gracefully pass through the portal.

Up ahead, I am captivated by the most beautiful presence.

Three round portals hallowed out into the canyon walls shine and illuminate forth revealing one of the most beloved and potently rich powerful plants I have ever had the honor to meet on Planet Earth. I have seen her thrive in the most auspicious of places. I have painted her, drawn her and meditated with her for many many moons.

Basking in the sunlight, I notice her iridecent flowers glowing and popping out from the Red Rock Canyon. Her flower opens wide to the sky in a melodic dance by day. As for the night she draws her essence far within, as she gathers the celestial forces from above spontaneously spiraling them back down to Earth through the portal of the Sacred Dreamtime. Anchoring magick deep inside the Earth.

Have you guessed the name of this magickal plant, yet? I bet you have. Or perhaps, the name rests on the tip of your tongue. This plant often lives among the canyons, thriving in dry arid soil.  Although, I have to say, she is adaptable to several climates. I lived with her once upon a in Ojai. A place our community lovingly named the “multi-dimensional” playground. Her magick was woven under the majestic and moistened soil of an avocado orchard.

Some know her as Grandmother Datura. Or most commonly known as Sacred Datura. Her names are many. Moon flower, Jimsom Weed and Angels Trumpet are a few. Her flower even resembles a trumpet. For she is a melodic conduit, indeed!

You see, Grandmother Datura is a WILD WILD WITCH!

Her spirit carries us across the bridge between worlds. Her ancestry goes way way back. Far beyond the stars above. In fact, She is our Ancestor. Simply sitting in her presence offers a visionary delight beyond ones wildest imagination. One thing to note is that her medicine is potent. Extremely potent. Intoxicating, to say the least. Not one, to be taken lightly. Or foolishly. So take care. Be wise. As she takes us to places. Places where ones Soul longs to go. To know. To remember.

To know your way back from the places she takes you to is a superpower that the indigenous know and practice. 

The whisperings of the winds and the beat of the drum call us back to return to our circle. I thank Grandmother Datura for her medicine. I feel her gracious touch and a gentle stirring, weaving magickal threads upon my path. I may know what all lies ahead. But, one thing I do know is that magic is afoot.’ And there is no turning back on my destined path.

Feeling the warmth of the Sun upon my shoulders, I follow the winding road back through the Red Rock Canyon entering the threshold of the faery portal leading towards the Lotus Tent. Our sisters are circling, 'round.

The circle has been cast. Holding Grandmother Datura close to my heart, I feel her magick woven into the circle as we enter the portal of the Dreamtime together.

~ Merry meet. Merry part. Merry meet again. ~ Blessed Be

ALISUN TREES – “AUNTIE OWL” weaves transformational healing stories for all life on Planet Earth as a catalyst for growth and change, integration and expansion in celebration of these incredibly potent times.

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  1. Glorious! This expanse my heart and senses and brought me right there with you..which I’m sure I will be one day again..I l9ve you Auntie owl❤❤❤

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