Spontaneous Opening in Munich

A couple of months before The Thomas Fire swept through our beloved town of Ojai, spontaneously inspiring a new trajectory upon our paths, I was skyping with a dear friend who currently lives in Germany. We met at The Findhorn Community in Scotland five years ago at the time of the Summer Solstice.

Our conversation, on this particular day, was about how we both were feeling the call to travel. To connect with the nature spirits, ancestors and elemental beings of land(s) around the world. To touch the pulse points of Gaia. As Anne enthusiastically shared about her recent travels to India, I held closely in my hand, a potently rich bottle of water she gathered for me from the Mother Ganges River a few months prior.

Over the phone, we inspired a spontaneous adventure. We imagined our bodies as acupuncture needles touching the pulse points of Mother Earth. Expanding our luminous fields, we embarked on a spirited journey that planted potent seeds into the Multiverse. On that sunny early autumn day, our souls knew something very magical and transformative was about to happen. But, of course we did not know when, how or what would all emerge. Or where for that matter.

Seven months following this inspired phone call, I send Anne a message...Guess what, Anne? We are coming to Germany...I could feel a stirring of excitement over the phone lines. And alas, my husband, Tyler and I, landed right in the city center and heart of Munich, Germany. 

Crawling out of jet lag, I meet Anne at our apartment. We embrace each other with a sweet sisterly hug and agree that the park is calling! We begin our adventure enjoying a healthy serving of tasty lentil soup at a tea house on the edge of the park. It’s a beautiful spot with a cottage like feel invoking a sweet and nostalgic energy. Anne and I haven’t seen each other in five years and so our visit is extra special and potent for us. For we know our time together is one to be treasured. Not a moment to waste. For we have “work" to do!

Our bellies happy, nourished and full, we get up from our cozy table and walk further into the the park. The land here is sprawling and teeming with life. Groups of people gather on both sides of the vibrant creek engaging in a wide variety of activities. Bottles of water and spirited beverages chill in the slow moving waters. Lush green trees and plants welcome us as we feel our way through the gardens.

Naturally, we weave our conscious awareness and attention towards our beloved plant allies. Anne and I share a love for nature and have so much to offer to each other in our discoveries and explorations upon our respective plant paths.

While walking among the lush green trees, Anne initiates an inspired conversation. “Ayahuasca has been calling to me lately.”

I respond..."aaah, yes...me too! I have been feeling her presence so very close to my heart. She really is touching a lot of souls on the planet at this time. I have deep reverence and respect for Mother Ayahuasca and all her healing ways. Isn’t it fascinating how many of us are feeling the call to sit with her? To be with her? All around the world.

You know, Anne, we can connect with her spirit, right here, right now in the heart of the city, if you like.

Perhaps, she has a message for us today.”


We continue to walk through the park gently observing where our landing spot for our adventure may be. We look for a place tucked away in the trees. Everywhere there are groups of people. Especially in the trees and among all the hidden away spots.

“How about up there, as I point to the monument above.”

We climb our way up to the center of the hill and locate our spot on the grass. It's truly a resonant spot with a strong magnetic gravitational pull. The hum and pulse of the land is potent and sweet. Two acupuncture needles touching the earth, we both simultaneously drop in and allow our natural rhythms to harmoniously flow. 😃 Sitting in lotus position, our sit bones support our bodies in a gentle embodied alignment as we dive deep into the quantum field. We begin to imagine our roots mingling and merging with all of life. A magnetic force draws us closer to the pulse of  Gaia.

“Take my hands. Let’s go on an adventure," I offer to Anne.

As our arms reach forward to meet each other, our palms touch at the center points, illuminating and activating our chakra points. A light and luminous energetic pulse between our palms sparks between us, inspiring a lifted awareness. Smiling and grinning from ear to ear, we both feel an awakened sense of joy in our hearts, feeling and expressing the gratitude for this moment together and for the land and spirits of this land.

As we align and attune with soft focused intention, we make a quantum leap, weaving our conscious awareness into the Great Mystery. The cosmic waves of Gaia inspire and conjure as as a warm glow dances at the base of our spines, forming a solid connection. Energy flows from head to toe in a symphonic and reciprocal dance. Crystalline bands of light and vibrational pulses of color inspire waves of bliss and ecstasy.

As I gaze upon Anne’s energy field, I observe luminous rays of golden light streaming forth from the top of her crown chakra. The strands of her hair appear light and transparent in form. Her face  subtly weaves and shifts into various forms. “I am experiencing an incredible sense of Oneness,” Anne offers enthusiastically. "I feel that I am one with the crystalline grid of the Earth." As we widen our field of perception and travel on, we initiate a few rounds of breath work to further inspire our focus, imagination and intention.

Two mystic travelers, on a quest to meet with our beloved plant allies, we harmonize our hearts and breath in resonance. An expansion awakens in the luminous field.

A familiar presence emerges. A lightness of being permeates the space. A beautiful being we have read about, heard stories about and have seen in our visions appears. Ayahuasca's presence dances into our awareness, as a deeper resonance abounds. 

Ayahuasca's presence is palpable to the touch.  Spontaneously, we are  transported into states of consciousness in resonance with her frequency and vibration. I find myself transported to a land far far away among what appears to be on the edge of a tropical rainforest. It feels natural to be here. It feels really really good to be here.

Feeling grounded and centered among the edge of the jungle, I  find myself sitting next to a beautiful bountiful beloved earth goddess. She is sitting directly next to a vine rich plant. Her appearance is other-worldly yet  is a full  embodiment of an Earth Mother. Her consciousness and form is as vast and infinite as the Cosmos, yet embodying a strong and earthy physical presence. She feels like Gaia, herself.

With a gracious nudge, she generously offers me a small gourd-like bowl, extended from the palm of her hands, gesturing for me to have a drink. The liquid is dark and thick. "I have been waiting for you," she says.

Her spirit and pulse is strong and full of life. As we mingle and  merge with her energetic field, Anne and I both light up as we receive intuitive messages, insights and deep medicine. Love and relationship is shared and imprinted into the fabric of our souls.

As our awareness of the presence of Ayahuasca begins to change from form to a lighter formless state, we slip in between worlds. The laughter of children fill the space in our present surroundings. Expansive waves of joy and bliss flow freely throughout our bodies. We gently return to the awareness of this precious moment basking in the sunlight up on the hill. We take a few moments to connect with and engage all of our senses as we receive all we encountered on our adventure  bringing it into a full embodied experience.

Feeling the warm SUN upon our skin, we cool our bodies down with some fresh water. We stand up outstretching our arms wide to the sky. Both laughing and giggling, we offer our gratitude for sharing in this most momentous occasion!

may it be so...and so it is!

ALISUN TREES – “AUNTIE OWL” weaves transformational healing stories for all life on Planet Earth as a catalyst for growth and change, integration and expansion in celebration of these incredibly potent times.

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