Stirring the cauldron…

Living among the Redwood forest invites a moment to root in, connect and tune in to the gentle stirrings and whisperings of the natural world…It’s a time to traverse the worlds seen and unseen. Earth and Sky….Universe(s) and Galaxies near and far...
Standing at the cauldron…..a magickal medley of earthen roots and pungent herbs swirl and vortex into a fiery elixir upon the stove top….
"Slow down…slow down dear One...a voice grows, giggling and whispering on the winds of  the teacup…There is plenty of time to do all you wish to do…Enjoy this time…Be in your natural flow…its's really ok…to move slower…if you like….Remember, dear One, this is a time to rest. To restore. To regenerate.” For in this moment, we celebrate the gateway of the NORTH….We replenish and build the energy for the coming days…."
Eyes close slightly in a sacred trance. Teacup to mouth. Flickering flames mesmerize and activate the senses. Observing the dancing flames as they rise and fall, disperse and change in form, a prayer of gratitude is spoken into the fire. For fire is alive with Spirit.
We are alive with Spirit. 
Minds awareness slows down as the body sinks deeper and deeper, falling in vibrational resonance with the natural pulse and energies of the Earth…Slow rhythmic breaths ease and deepen the connection. Here, join me, dear friends, as we take a few deep expansive breaths together. For the magic is alive tonight. For we will meet the  Mystery and Magic of these dancing flames together.
The crackling of fire bounces off the tinders edge confirming connection is made. Prayers of gratitude are spoken. Thank You dear Ancestors...past, present and future...Thank you, our benevolent helping spirits for your guiding light. Protection. Your medicine. We are so grateful for your presence.
We feed the fire with offerings of tobacco and sage. We do so with reverence and above all. With Love.
Fire grows. Consciousness shifts. A portal opens. Stepping in with solid footing and a watchful eye, we feel protection among our surroundings.  We are delighted as our compassionate helping spirits are here to escort us on our adventure together.
Preparations must be made before taking flight. 
Right wing sweeps over the Left wing. Followed by a gentle swoosh. Swoosh....Swooosh....From left to right. Auric field brightens, frequency for travel is set at a resonant speed.
It is everything to navigate and chart these waters with presence and awareness of ones surroundings. For, it's not for the faint of heart to travel these mysterious worlds in the dark of night.
As the Universe is full of surprises.
Wings bright and illuminated, spirit ready. Into the forest we go. Imagination is key here. Remember, now, be present and filled with wonder. And, Yes, discernment and intuition are strengths you will want to bring along with you!
Soaring through the forest, a wind blows over towards the coast. A strong breeze moves us off grid into the deep  luminous waters, where the winds blows strong and the record keepers of the earth live and breathe.
ALISUN TREES – “AUNTIE OWL” weaves transformational healing stories for all life on Planet Earth as a catalyst for growth and change, integration and expansion in celebration of these incredibly potent times.

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