Wolf Adventure – aaaauuuuUUU!

Tug. Tug. Pull. Pull. Little Wolf pulls me forward. I feel her strong vital pulse and surprising grip twisting my shirt gathering in a spiraling knot up near my shoulder blades. Positioning me directly in the front row of the group, I find myself strategically placed directly in front of the Shaman Wolf of the pack.

A gorgeous white wolf rests peacefully in front of the group.

Dazzling everyone with his expansive presence, a deep sense of calm awakens in the space. We are invited to connect with his healing energy. Legal consent signed moments before gave pause to this moment. Little Wolf's breath grows warmth upon my neck. I turn to face her. Little Wolf is the alpha of the pack in human form! She is the bridge and guide between the shaman wolves and her guests.

I turn and she is strangely, mysteriously out of sight.

I hear and sense a gentle stirring from the corner of the wide open wolf pin.

Where did Little Wolf go? What compelled her to pull me close to the wolf just moments before? My mind is looking for any obvious clues. I reflect on her words just moments before. "Listen up, Little Wolf  shares with our group. There are shamans among these pack of wolves that you are about to meet. You may be approached by one of them. Let them come to you. Let them sniff you. Stay calm. They will not bite. They like people. There is nothing you need to do. Just follow my lead and you will be fine. It's important that they come to you. You will be wise to give them space."

I scan the space to locate Little Wolf.

I hear a sigh...a few woman catch Little Wolf.

"It's "Little Wolf. She has collapsed and fallen down to the ground." I turn to see. I glance towards the corner of the pin. Two women are lifting up Little Wolf from the ground and ushering her as discreetly as possible out the gate.

Chatter and a stirring fills the space as Little Wolf  heads back to the house.

Feeling a sense of uneasiness about the chatter and conversations occurring on the east side of the pin, I make my way towards a close friend of Little Wolfs. This woman is also a friend of the wolves and a new friend of mine as well.

I wondered to myself if this is why Little Wolf brought me close to the wolves. She must have sensed something was about to happen.

I turn to the woman, second alpha wolf in command and ask her how she would feel if we invite a few moments of silence to honor Little Wolf and invite a sense of calm to the space. She responds enthusiastically and right away she calls everyone to gather in the center of the circle. To join in silence. Arriving  from all four corners of the pin, we settle in.

I thank everyone for gathering and say a few words as to why I felt inspired to gather everyone in silence. Everyone, pleasantly surprised were happy to participate.

We attune. Settle in. We invite a silent moment to honor Little Wolf. Tuning into the land we naturally align our energies with the spirit of the wolves. Inviting the spaciousness of the moment, we further explore the terrain ahead.

A wave of energy begins to rise and build within our circle of women gathered. The desert is active with life. Roadrunners and wolves, humans and sunshine are all alive on this rich desert floor. As we connect with the desert landscape, in the center of the wolf pin, a great veil begins to lift. The energy that felt heavy and dense moments before, now begins to soften. Even the heat of the day no longer feels unbearable.

We are now between worlds.

The land feels alive. Electric. Vibrant. Being present with the flow of energy, we root in a little deeper. A rolling and shaking sensation begins to rumble below our feet. "Is everyone feeling this?" I wonder to myself. I am sensing the wolves. All my senses are heightened. There were about 18 wolves in all on the land in various pins. Telepathically communicating in one voice. So, it seems.

The heartbeat of the earth draws us closer, magnetizing the field. The rolling and shaking now softening, drops into a soft and gentle sensation. The pulse, strong and rooted. A feeling of stillness flows within the circle and permeates the land. A stream of inner visions awaken.

A vision of Little Wolf flashes before my eyes. I see an image is of Little Wolf lying down on her bed resting. Healing. I can feel how she feels supported and held in love. A second image forms. I see the wolves. The wolves are communicating with us. I can hear them. I see them. I can feel them close to me, upon my skin. They are communicating in a language beyond words. I listen. I begin to hear the thoughts of the wolves. Mostly, they show me in in the form of images.

Messages are shared and revealed. The wolves are at peace.

Resting in this space, a beautiful energy radiates from the center of the circle out to the whole land. We enjoy for a few moments a calm presence.

Expanding beyond our circle to meet all forms of nature and humans, we close the circle feeling uplifted and happy. I open my eyes, and with gratitude I check in with the circle and thank everyone for taking a moment to gather. A palpable shift in the energy is felt by all. An experience of interconnectedness expands in all directions.

Our group of ten women exit the wolf pin together, greeted by happy sun shining faces, waiting patiently to have their turn with the wolves.

Just when I thought the great adventure was over I am flagged down by my new friend. The woman who supported me and my request (at the wolves nudging, I imagine.) She invites me to join her while she feeds the wolves. I gladly accept the invitation. I enter and stand close just inside the entrance, waiting to be called in.

Three wolves gather and come close. They begin to sniff my body. Everywhere! Whoa... After the wolves are fed and calm, we turn to leave and close the gate.

We hear a howl...a couple howls, actually... Now, three..."That is for YOU." She says...They are thanking and honoring you for what you did today." Naturally, we howl in return thanking and acknowledging the wolves and their magickal touch..

I am moved. Touched, really...I am continually amazed by the magic that happens when we are fully present to each and every moment.

ALISUN TREES – “AUNTIE OWL” weaves transformational healing stories for all life on Planet Earth as a catalyst for growth and change, integration and expansion in celebration of these incredibly potent times.

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