Gifts of Gratitude…

SUN is shining bright today, casting a warm glow upon the steps of the Aztec Pyramid. Hawk passes  high above the native trees. A gentle stirring and hush resounds among the circle of men and women who have gathered together on this most auspicious day. A day of ceremony with this sacred and enchanting land.

Hawk circles above three times, then releases a white luminous feather in a slow melodic dance into the center of the circle cast. A gentleman with hair soft in curl gathers the feather from the ground. He places it with great care into the palm of his  left hand.

With his right hand, he lifts it slightly above, making contact with the auric field of the feather. Scanning from the top of the feather to the pointy tip he listens  carefully for the message carried on the winds. Quieting and stilling his mind, he begins to come into resonance and direct communication with HAWK.

Collectively, the group feels the energy and raises its a unified field to meet the invitation of the moment.

Simultaneously, OWL who is resting high up in the branches  of the tree resounds a great big hoot.."hoo hoo". OWL's voice is heard, yet remains invisible to the naked eye. Captivated with curiosity, the energy of the group field lifts, resonating at an expansive and receptive state.  Waving the feather in a circular fashion, while gently stroking the hawks feather, a message emerges upon its electrifying pulse... 

The gentleman holding the feather begins to speak. Clearing his voice, he begins to channel the message coming through.

"Hello, our dear human galactic family. Thank You for receiving us with great love and respect. We bring you a message today. One for the whole collective.  First and Foremost, Thank you for being here. We are grateful for your presence. Please know that we are here with you as partners and allies. We are equals. We are so happy to have been welcomed in today by your circle. It brings us great joy when we experience this connection with you upon the Earth. So many of you are gathering today, just like the ancient ones did many many moons ago. We are so grateful.

It is a time of great change and transformation upon our planet. It truly is a gift and great priveledge to be on this earth at this time.

We carry a message upon the wings of HAWK today. One simple and pure.

..and that is...TO Remember how vitally important it is to feel ones connection and roots in resonance with the Earth and within the center of our hearts. The capacity to ground ones energy and to be fully embodied in spirit and form is important for our health, vitality and regeneration. When we are centered, grounded and connected with the earths energies, we can move more easily in the world. As well, as in between worlds. To be here embodied as our spiritual essence is one of our greatest gifts. Hold in your hearts an awareness that your connection with earth, the cosmos and All living beings is vital to the health and well being of the whole planetary system. For WE ARE IN A TIME OF REMEMBERING, once again, that we all are truly ALL related. and interconnected in what we call the web of life. Together, we are whole.

Remember, dear Ones, We thrive together.

Remember this in all your interactions. The truth of what we share today among this beautiful circle.

Is there anyone in the circle here today that feels any resistance to this change, Hawk lovingly asks?"

A women's voice comes forth into the circle. "Hello, hawk. What do I do when I feel anxious or sad. Disconnected? Out of balance? It's like I can feel and see the light, but I can't fully access it."  The hawk looks up in the sky. Makes eye contact with owl. Owl exchanges knowing glances with HAWK.

This is a great question dear One. One for the collective to hear. thank you for your voice and sharing your vulnerability.

"We invite you to feel this separation and fear dear One. Be with your feelings. As you become present and stay with these feelings of discomfort, open to the beauty of your heart. Open and expand your breath All the way. Expanding your belly, allowing the breath to move your body naturally.

Feel all the love inside you radiating out. Open to your joy. Feel how the energy begins to shift." Know that you are supported here. That is natural for spontaneous waves of energy to move throughout our bodies. Move with it...Make sounds if that is what comes naturally. You will know when you complete the cycle, as the waves ripples and vibrate out...

Now, as the waves pass and the energy feels open and receptive, Tune into your heart and feel your sense of joy and excitement for another layer revealed and transformed. 

Owl offers insight from above. Can you feel this young sister, hawk asks?" "Yes," she says with enthusiasm. Thank you. I feel it. I feel it! The young girl shares. "I realize now that I have been feeling sad. And that by feeling everything And being in my joy at the same time, it is like giving myself permission to be heal. To be seen in my beauty. to be witnessed in my strength and vulnerability.

To feel my power." In all my vulnerabilities, I can feel safe. Connected. I know I am loved. And I can feel the higher nature of myself. Thank you, dear hawk. I feel much lighter and brighter." I am so grateful for your presence on this circle today. 

The hawk feather once glowing and active rests quietly in the lap of the gentlemen who had initially received the feather. The air is still. Hearts open and illuminating. A gentle breeze spirals through the circle, spontaneously lifting the feather and landing into the hands of another. A new message emerges.

ALISUN TREES – “AUNTIE OWL” weaves transformational healing stories for all life on Planet Earth as a catalyst for growth and change, integration and expansion in celebration of these incredibly potent times.

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