ART for me is a dance with the Cosmos. A way to make contact. To remember. To reclaim. To rekindle who and what I am.

Channeling ART for me is an energetic, visceral & down-to-earth way to come into a natural and spontaneous alignment with Source energy and all the manifestations that speak to me upon the moment of contact.

At the peak of an art piece there is a magnetic pull that energizes, synthesizes & illuminates the senses propelling forth the creative force. As light informs the senses, there is a mystical experience that imbues and inspires the direction of the art piece. At times, the emergence of the symbol rises with ease and grace from the get go, while at other times there is a deep dive into the watery depths of a birthing process that is necessary for its full expression to be realized.

At times the artist steps away from their craft to re-set, re-orient, re-invent. Yet, behind the scenes, the pulse and buzz of the creative force continues to inspire and illuminate the path ahead. In the early winter of 2017,  the Thomas Fire swept through our home "Tree House" @ a hilltop meditation center in Ojai, California devouring all  my paintings, drawings, journals, and just about everything I owned. Rising like a phoenix, I accepted the challenge and embarked upon a new path that continues to amaze me every single day!