Your Mini-Astrology Quest



You are invited on a mini-Astrology Quest...One that is fun, engaging and hopefully ahhhHHH inspiring! We will take a look at your natal birth chart with a focus on your upcoming & current transits/personal cycles as well as the area of focus you wish to explore.     

Astrology is wide and vast and for your mini-Quest we will dive into the astrological waters with a down to earth & simple approach. A more inclusive ASTROLOGY QUEST is available for a deeper dive and expanded view.

Please note* Your exact birth time and location is vital for our Astrology Quest together. It allows for a more informed and accurate read of your chart. Thank You so much.

YOUR MINI-ASTROLOGY QUEST: 60 minutes @ $60 US dollars. Feel free to venmo me if you prefer! - @AliSun-Trees OR click button below.

Your mini-astrology Quest