SCHISANDRA…on the quest for eternal SUNSHINE!

SCHISANDRA is a magickal healing plant who is most beloved for her juicy, succulent and Sun Shining nature! She is a one-of-a-kind spicy gal! Ready for just about anything! You’ll see! Her branches stretch and lift through the winters snow each cycle of spring in the form of succulent red berries and fragrant leaves….She brings a splash of joyful vitality, a skip in the step and a sense of renewal to all she touches!

SCHISANDRA is an “adaptogen” as she supports the body in calm regenerative ways. Increasing energy and vitality. Libido, too! 🙂 Her magickal touch inspires physical endurance, exercise and movement. You may find yourself spontaneously jumping up in the air in a full round of jumping jacks simply in her presence.

Each morning for the past few weeks, I have chosen SCHISANDRA to be my leading herbal ally and plant guide. Recently my acupuncturist in Ojai enthusiastically recommended her to me. “SCHISANDRA would be good for you.” He smiled as I knowingly nod my head in agreement.

Of course SCHISANDRA would be, I smile….For in that moment out of the corner of my eye, I capture a glimpse of SCHISANDRA’s spirit lighting up in the space next to me. Smiling and nodding with a knowing told-you-so kind of grin upon her face.

The Plant Spirits always seem to know just what we need. Often, the plants growing right outside our door are the remedies for our personal and family needs. Often they will call out to us from our home apothecaries, gardens, nearby parks or among the wild places we roam.

It was just a few days before my acupuncture appointment when I gathered about 12 mason jars of herbs from my home apothecary for a one months journey. I went through all the various herbs to see which ones wanted to come with me.  I even caught eyes with SCHISANDRA. “We will have our dance soon. When winter turns to Spring.” I told her. Interestingly enough, I turned to her once more with a second glance. hmmm…Three’s a charm, right?

This morning as I was preparing my tea, I gave it some thought. It makes a lot of sense, you know. SCHISANDRA’S vital force is regenerative as she builds strength and vitality. Something many of us need in the winter time as days become shorter, darker and colder. SCHISANDRA thrives in cold, mountainous places. In the darkest days of the year, she naturally adapts and dives deep into the earth nourishing and restoring her vital reserves.

At Winter Solstice, I went on a quest in search for the Sun and warmth at the turning of the wheel as autumn turned to winter. Vitality. Endurance. Strength. That’s what my soul longed for. I wished to have Sunshine upon my skin while taking long walks along the beach. Moving about freely, naturally, awakening my vital force. For, I could feel cold settling into my bones back home here in the forest. So, I wholeheartedly jumped at the timely invitation to housesit in Sunny Santa Monica!

Each morning, I have a little ritual. I juice a pints worth of celery for my husband, Tyler, and in tandem, I turn up the flickering flame on the stove. I place a light delicate handful of SCHISANDRA berries in the pot with water and bring to a boil. I then simmer for about 25-40 minutes. I allow for half the liquid to evaporate until its juicy red berries become quite plump. Often, I will infuse longer to give it an extra zest! Next, I strain the liquid and eat more than my fair share of berries. I find them to be delicious! A few seems to be just enough!

Some nights, I infuse the SCHISANDRA berries in hot water that has just come to a boil. Covered tightly in a mason jar. Overnight! Both ways work. Usually, I prefer the long simmer…I seem to feel her pulse a bit stronger with more vitality!

Upon the first few sips, I experience a puckering sensation upon my lips and throughout my mouth. You can literally feel your tissues pucker up, tone and tonify upon contact. She be drying to the vata’s (an ayurvedic term), dry constitution overtime. That’s me! Perhaps, thats you, too. So, I just make sure I am well hydrated and add in a little Marshmallow Root infusion into my diet at some point during the day.

SCHISANDRA has a five flavor profile. Touching all the tastes! Sweet, Sour, Pungent, Bitter, and Sweet! The miracle berry some proclaim!

Whats amazing about SCHISANDRA is well, EVERYTHING. She knows precisely where to go! Her tastes inspire! Sour high notes. Followed by hints of salty, sweetness, splashed with a dash of yummy pungent bitterness. Touching all five tastes! Sweet, Sour, Pungent, Bitter, and Sweet! The miracle berry some proclaim! Highly revered by the Ancient Ones.

Immediately, the sensation in my jaw expands and relaxes…A slight buzzing and tingly sensation follows. My spirit lifts, while subtly yet powerfully and brightly lighting up every cell of my body! Palpable to the touch. She is pure liquid light!

SCHISANDRA’s energetic nature and light touch inspires energy to move and lift stagnation. She dances seamlessly throughout the pathways and meridians. Cleansing, clearing, naturally energizing and moving the blood. Supporting the heart and all its pathways surrounding it. I find that with just the right amount, SCHISANDRA sweeps through all the channels of the body (etheric body included) awakening the fire (solar plexus), and supporting all systems. She is incredibly potent! Warming to the digestive system, yet followed by a cooling action that supports any inflammation in the body.

SCHISANDRA appears to me as a sparkly elder fairy GodMother waving her magical wand at each and every twist and turn she touches. Subtle yet powerfully potent! Pair her with Butterfly Blue Pea! WoW! Trust me. You will see…

I like to drink the tea of SCHISANDRA on an empty stomach as her magical ways sweep through the channels more fluidly…freely. Naturally increasing circulation, bringing vitality to the heart and cardiovascular system, and adrenals and the reproduction system. It truly is infinite as to where she flows! A true wise elder. SCHIZANDRA…Whisper to her…Call upon her. She brings joy and a radiant glow to all she touches. 

ALISUN TREES – “AUNTIE OWL” weaves transformational healing stories for all life on Planet Earth as a catalyst for growth and change, integration and expansion in celebration of these incredibly potent times.

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  1. Auntie Owl, I love this healing medicine you are sharing! I am so inspired to try Schizandra and with the Butterfly Blue Pea which I remember I wanted to try and forgot about. I understand that Schizandra is an herb for revitalizing your feminine beauty too. I can’t wait to read more of your herbal lore. Are you doing consultations?

    1. Post

      Hello Eden…Thank You. I am excited to share more healing medicine and herbal lore in a myriad of wyrd weaving ways…Much more herbal lore is on its way… 🙂

      And. Yes. Absolutely. Shizandra is a wonderful herb for feminine beauty, too! Skin will look radiant. Plump. Well Hydrated overtime. Pair with Butterfly blue pea, and WOW! That’s a combo for feminine beauty from the inside out…So, many wonderful gifts she brings…

      In this moment, I am bringing in herbal lore through art and word weaving…and will see how it all blossoms! Magickal Blessings, Eden!

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