The times they are a changing…

Just over a week ago, one sunny beautiful day in Point Dume, I laid out a tarot spread from the Psychic Tarot Deck. I was feeling super light and bright, open and expansive following an hour of toning, sound healing and channeling universal energies. Buzzing with energy, I felt compelled to pick up the deck and draw a few cards.

The first card I drew was “Material and Spiritual Prosperity.” The second... New Beginnings.

A few moments later, I was inspired to draw another….just for the fun of it!

The tarot card “Disruption" just about flew out of the deck…hmmm. That's interesting. That doesn’t seem to resonate or feel true to me at this time….maybe I pulled one card too many!

Conveniently, I slid the "Disruption" card right back into the deck…No need to put that one on the altar, I thought….No need to manifest that. hee hee But, you know, the cards never lie…never…ever… 😃 Or at least, this is my experience.

The following day, I glance at the Psychic Tarot Deck again…I pull another card and Guess what? "Disruption" emerges again from the center of the deck. Interesting...ok ok...Clearly, Universe, you have a message for me today.

I thought to myself….hmmm thats interesting? Everything is opening up so beautifully right now. I love where I live, I am in harmony with my purpose on Earth, my relationships are sweet….I am open to the unfolding mystery as to what is to be…with little or no attachment…I am showing up in the world in a more empowered way to live in accordance to my truly authentic ways..

..and then… there it is! Yet another auspicious and surreal event transpires!

Texts begin to stream through our cell phones…Are you guys ok? Have you evacuated safely?

It turns out that all of Malibu is under mandatory evacuation. We were here in Ojai visiting for a few days when we received the news…

In fact, we were just about ready to pack up and return to our nest in Point Dume that very morning...Kinda crazy, right, considering that we are close to the one year anniversary of losing our home and most all of our belongings in the Thomas Fire last year…and here we go again! Now, evacuated back to the very land we came from...with a lighter footprint, of course!

The next couple days were intense….Intense sadness was felt as we tuned in to catastrophic news on social media, witnessing and feeling the deep primal cries spilling into the earth by so many...including our very own tears...

Uncertainty, disruption, utter disbelief many were in shock as to how this fire grew so fast and so close to so many homes…Houses burned, houses saved, animals moved, llamas on the beach...forests on fire…displaced communities…tales of scary exists from evacuation zones. Memories and trinkets lost. Family homes destroyed. Community saving their homes together!

News of Doom and gloom fill the frequency waves…Apocalyptic cries wailing in the air. Turmoil. TOTAL DISRUPTION, DESTRUCTION….Utter and complete CHAOS!

Whoa, right...super potent times!

It sure got me thinking of FIRE and its innate force.

The SPIRIT OF FIRE  has the ability to move, transform and transmute anything and everything...just like a flash!

FIRE is activating, energizing and promotes growth, change and expansion. It has the potential to initiate change and movement spontaneously! THE SPIRIT OF FIRE invites us to let go of our old patterns as it wakes us and shakes us up! It sure can light a fire under our @sses to create real change. True lasting change.

We are experiencing this on the planet right now...In a BIG BIG way!!! It is showing up in so many ways...Fires, Tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc....shootings! Families being broken apart, dividing walls and and the illusion of separation streaming through the field!

After a couple days of being glued to the computer, keeping up with updates and connecting with family and community, I felt a strong tug on my heart to go into the local mountains...

I gathered my purse and medicine bag and took a drive out to Matilija canyon in Ojai. I love Matilija. The presence of our Ancestors are here. The stone people are here. The pulse of life here is strong and very much alive.

As I drove along the rocky canyon, I hit record on my iphone to capture my thoughts and inspirations.

I begin to speak into the recorder.

"An incredible sense of peace has overcome me. I feel at ease and with great acceptance of what is. I feel this incredible lightness of being. Last nights earth shaking ground breaking emotional release seems to have opened me to another level of expansion.

Ecstasy fills me as I reunite with the land and community here in Ojai ...Thank You beautiful and bountiful spirits of the land…Thank You, our dear ancestors, for allowing permission to travel and connect on these sacred lands.

I am here. I am listening. We are listening. Is there a message? One that I may share. Perhaps, one for the whole collective at this time?

Where tears had filled my eyes for days and the heaviness in my heart had lifted, I feel this strong impulse to serve. To spring into action.

What is this experience teaching us? Revealing to us? What is emerging from deep below the surface…What is being lifted? What is the gift of this fire?

I make my way through the canyon…slowly...melodically...

A stillness moves through me…words if they are coming from a Higher Source.

"There is something about this experience that is bringing light to and igniting certain initiations that you all are meant to go through at this time…

As a humanity, there are changes to occur. It's time to shift our priorities and care more deeply for this beautiful blue green planet with all our heart and soul... To be stewards of the Earth and to come into right human relations with everyone and everything in a much more expansive way!

One beautiful gift emerging from these "events" is experiencing community coming together and supporting each other and all of life during crisis. Its so important to not lose sight of this. As this all begins to fade as the days go on we all return to our lives...

Remember this Community Spirit. Don't lose sight of the true potential that lies here..I hear myself saying with a strong force rising from my solar plexus.

Looking out towards the far reaches of the canyon, a greater view reveals…

Clarity. Acceptance. Forward moving.

Slowly…deeply and with great conviction, I continue to speak into the mic……

"It’s time to return to Nature. Time to come back down to Earth.  To remember we are part of the great vast Universe...It's time to return our awareness to the cycles and rhythms of the moon the sun, the stars and all that is. It is the time to awaken our relationships with all of life. To live what we speak. To practice our medicine ways. For we all carry medicine. We all have something unique and special to share with the world. Its time to care for our beloved home…not just the home that is our personal shelter, its the greater home….our beloved home planet! Mother Earth..

It is not a time to get too cozy and be complacent! It is a time to light up from the inside out! To get excited. To feel our joy...To initiate change...To live with passion and purpose...with love, free of fear.

…my voice softens as I speak into the recorder...

Perhaps, each of us are having our own personal “initiations" right now. Whether there is a fire burning in our hearts or literally upon our lands.

When the fire is stoked, there lies potential for change. Dance with it for a while...For, it will change and all will  soon calm. For the stirring within and without may lie dormant until the next time the spirit of fire comes knocking at your door in one way or another.

My heart expands with each turn in the road, as I am reminded of how The Thomas fire swept through this very canyon, just shy of a year ago….

How truly auspicious this reunion is at this time…It feels rather auspicious and important to return to the land today. To see it from a future perspective. Eyes that see beyond the destruction, into the hope and prosperous nature of new life and beginnings that had sparked this initiation many many moons ago...

Perhaps, it's a time to take a pause…from our daily routines and feel...Observe. To connect with the land we live upon..To reach out to our communities. To feel the pulse of Gaia in our fingertips and the very pulse points where our feet meet the Earth.

We might not be able to hit the rewind button following a cataclysmic event. But, we can move forward with fresh eyes, an illuminated heart and a fiery spirit and grounded nature to promote  change and transformation, as we move forward in these spirited times.

Through the tears and the trauma comes the ecstatic play of creating something new. A time to turn within and feel what is here for us to feel. To transform, transmute and transmit the love and light to all. To allow a sweeping through of the old while ushering in the new...

For one day soon the air will clear, the sun will shine brightly and there will be laughter to fill the air….

ALISUN TREES – “AUNTIE OWL” weaves transformational healing stories for all life on Planet Earth as a catalyst for growth and change, integration and expansion in celebration of these incredibly potent times.

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  1. Dear Ali Sun
    Thank you for sharing this message…It feels so important to hear and to feel everything you wrote . You are such a clear channel, i feel very touched. I am beating the drum for our hearts to love each other and share us.

    1. What a beautiful and inspired message, Anne! I am so excited for all the magic we are weaving together…with Gaia, the Cosmos and all of life… 🙂

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