Who is auntie owl?


NESTLED HERE AMONG bay laurels, ferns, redwoods and douglas firs, each day greets with a magickal touch. Cool ocean mists silhouette the tall standing trees spilling over the hilltops rising out to the sea. Morning SUN in the east casts a dappled light here in the wintery days rolling out to the California coastal redwoods. To live and breathe and offer an extra touch in the forest here is a gift and with each prayer, I extend a ripple of joy and spacious heart felt emanations to all of You...

GREETINGS, FRIENDS. I AM AUNTIE OWL. Feel free to call me by AliSun Trees. Ali. Alison. It's all the same to me.

I am a weaver of sorts...a visual artist, intuitive guide and dream weaver for personal and planetary transformation.

I am currently offering Intuitive Guidance as an interactive experience. An Adventure with Auntie Owl invites a co-creative experience that naturally and spontaneously open portals of a multi-dimensional nature.

From the very beginning of life, I developed a rather unique relationship with the natural world, while remembering my connection to the Universe. Source. Oneness. The sacred dreamtime being one of the primary portals and pathways for my first spiritual and spontaneous initiations.

Extraordinary experiences followed. Having a  rippling effect into all facets and dimensions of my reality. I am eternally grateful for all the divine synchronicities that have brought me into relationship with incredible allies, guides and extraordinary teachers that I have had the honor and privilege of co-creating with along the way.

A spiritual quest and the desire to travel lightly on the Earth lead me to magical places all around-the-world. Following my travels and an extended time in Maui, I heard the whisperings on the winds of change to return to the mainland. Once landed, I joined a two year Sacred Plant Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship with  the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education/Topanga. All the while living atop a most beloved meditation center in Ojai, California. I volunteered by helping with the plants as well as guiding morning meditations. WoW! It sure has been an incredible journey. and that's not even the half of it.

In essence, I love opening portals for magical synchronicities to occur. Whatever cycle in life, we always have the capacity to set our sails in the directions of our hopes and dreams.

One of my greatest joys is living in communion with the natural world. Touching that divine spark and intelligence that pulses through you and me, everyone and everything.
Auntie OWL




“Auntie OWL…
In your presence and healing nature you helped me to access my roots, bringing me into alignment with my personal power; you helped me to open up my spirituality. A new sense of serenity emerged and set me free to love life. To live love again. You precious woman. Mighty Goddess. Love to you.”IVES *Croatia

AUNTIE OWL held an amazing container and created a magical experience that wove together Tom and I in Sacred Union and included my kids to form a NEW FAMILY. It was a beautiful dance of honoring each other. It supported openings of our hearts, minds and souls to align with each other. Her deep wisdom of earth medicine and expansive capacity to hold an exquisite energetic field allowed on organic alchemy to unfold in the highest opportunity of our Sacred Union and Family Reorganizing. Anointing oils and special teas blends were woven into the ceremony perfectly energizing our ceremony, along with her amazing attention to detail supported the “LOVE FEST”. I am eternally grateful!

Carolyn Hernandez * California