A QUEST – ASTROLOGY JOURNEY (original version)

INTUITIVE ASTROLOGY Journey with Auntie Owl!

A magical Quest awaits...

You are invited on a magical adventure. IMAGINE a labyrinth perched upon a hill or by a babbling brook by the sea. It calls you forth. You hear the call through the whispering winds of the trees as you are bathed in the mystical morning light. You feel the magnetic pulse of the Earth inviting you close to her fertile green abode. Your curiosity draws you closer fully present in the moment as you prepare for the next step on your journey! You look out to the eastern horizon where you seen that the sun is rising. You are aware that it is spring time in the seasonal sign of Aries. As you witness the sun rise over the hillside, a new fresh cycle of the day starts, inviting a new beginning. A brand new day with its own tonal quality and elemental expression of that very moment. With your astrological map as our guide, we will explore the signatures of nature held in the very blueprint of your birth chart as well as how we can use this as a tool for navigating your life. 

Astrology is a language of life...an alchemical tool! 

As Planet Earth rotates around  the sun in a years time, a new cycle of growth, change and evolution begins at the solar return right around the very day you were born. Just as summer turns to fall and fall to winter to spring, we have the capacity to tune into the seasonal changes and energetic qualities with us. What we see and experience within is illuminated and reflected in the natural elements of the outer world. How deeply empowering and incredibly potent to align with earth and sky and to be in synch with our lives! Astrology is an incredibly potent art & dynamic language that offers us tools for navigating our lives.

What happens in an Astrology Journey?

Our Quest together begins with a brief yet deep heart centered meditation establishing a grounded and rooted connection with earth and cosmos while forming a mutual heart centered connection with each other. It is an interactive experience, inviting conversation filled with insightful & intuitive questions to inspire the way forward. On our first Quest together we will primarily explore your natal chart with the potential to bring it to life for you. We will bring focus to your Sun, Moon, Rising Sign as well as any significant aspects "relationship" patterns between planets and signs to them. We will look to the elemental patterns as well as other tonal imprints in your chart. For example, is your chart primarily watery, firey, earthy or airy? It will be fun to see how you express your chart in life. We will look to the transits coming up and you will have the opportunity to key in on specific areas of your life or the most significant topic you would like to explore in our time together. Astrology is vast, so the more clear the Questions, the greater the insights!

Your birth chart is a star map of the day you were born.

Your natal birth chart is a map of the specific placements of the signs, houses and planets at the time and place (location) of your birth. While everyone has this in common, you have your very own unique constellation of "stars" that offers clues & insights into  your very nature. All based on the very moment of your birth. We can see this through our varying degrees of fire, earth, air and water that we see represented through the glyphs on our birth chart.

Your personal birth chart as our guide.

Your birth chart serves as an incredible tool for empowerment, embodiment and so much much more! Imagine for a moment you are entering a forest, wide and vast. A mere glimpse of the map offers you an inspired choice & direction forward. You may have a pretty good idea of where you wish to explore. Or perhaps you are simply curious to see what this journey is all about. Most likely, you join the Quest with a healthy dose of both! As we  dance around your birth chart, the story (and themes) of your life naturally and spontaneously emerge as we access and unlock the potential of your personal birth chart through the keys (symbols) reflected in your chart. You hold the keys to your Quest. We will explore together that which you which to see.

The symbols in astrology are keys to explore the themes of your life.

Your natal birth chart offers a lens to see and explore the archetypal patterns of relationship  that flow through your birth chart and life. The symbols in astrology act as keys to explore the energies, themes and areas of your life that are innate and alive for you! A personal Quest with Auntie Owl is an invitation for discovery, empowerment and embodiment of your true nature & potential as well as a glimpse into the astrological weather coming your way. Both personally and planetary! Be ready to embark on an adventure that is deeply engaging and wildly interactive!

Living in tune with earth and sky is great for our well being!

Living in harmony with the rhythms of the cosmos as well as dancing in the bliss of the elemental energies expressed here on Earth and within us is a vital source and wellspring for our health and well being. Whether we are charting the transiting planetary cycles or simply dancing with the spirits of water, earth, air and fire, we experience the pulse of aliveness moving within and without. It is our birthright to reclaim and rekindle our personal power and purpose in the cosmos as an embodied human being here on earth.

JOIN AUNTIE OWL on an Astrological Quest

My role is simply to be an ally and guide for Your personal Quest & Consult. Be at peace knowing that the space will be held in the most sacred of ways. Each person and birth chart is held in mutual respect with utmost integrity and love.

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