If spirit ever asks you to do something to help someone, do it. If you do, a miracle will happen. If you don’t, you will spend the rest of your life wondering, “Am I making this up?”Eliot Cowan "Plant Spirit Medicine"

Life is full of synchronicities. These remarkable occurances remind us how connected we all truly are to one another. They are moments that make up feel extra”alive,” part of the whole…divinely connected!

Magic is being in relationship with these synchronicities. The presence of the moment. a deep connection with all of life. Feeling empowered to follow the impulse of life that flows thorough us.

When we are our magical selves, anything and everything is possible. Our potential for our dreams to become a reality is great! Sometimes, we are surprised and something even greater steps in…

“HEALING TIPS and TOOLS,” is a gentle reminder of our innate potential to change our lives. To heal and transform, by opening to the magic, following the synchronicities and living form our passion!

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