COME JOIN US as we take a quantum vibrational  leap into our new expanded realities! As a group we will create a group field, naturally and spontaneously awakening portals of our imagination! 

We will explore the magic and art of sacred geometry. SACRED GEOMETRY ART emits frequencies and vibrations through color, light and sound inspiring energetic shifts, naturally lighting  us up!  Inviting us to receive octaves of our chosen vibrational match. Everything in existence has a holographic geometric pattern and essence. We see these patterns in nature. Sunflowers being one of the greatest examples!

THIS IS A HANDS ON ART EXPERIENCE to tune in, engage the senses, inspire creativity, and weave the magic we are here to bridge into reality, here on Earth.

OFFERED AS A MEDITATIVE ADVENTURE...a time to drop into sacred space, tune in, relax and enjoy the adventure with full participation.

Intuitive messages and insightful information often comes streaming in when we are channeling art. Often, lighting us up with excitement and joy...

*Inquire within for individual or group experiences.

auntie owl