NATURE has always been a guiding light and true compass for my life's journey. At a young age, I would sit in butterfly position on the Earth, lifting into higher dimensions beyond time and space. Flying, traveling out-of-body and communing with the natural world is what lit me up!
It soon dawned on me around the time of kindergarden that everything was about to change. I began to recognize that I would have less and less time to explore the natural and magical world that we live in. I could feel that school would be of a different nature.
...and of course, everything comes full circle, if you love it enough.
The Plant Spirits and the magical world of nature continued to weave into my dreams, through initiations and spontaneous meetings, as well as taking form into my drawings, paintings, photographs and healing work.
Many moons ago, I planted a potent seed into the Multiverse...My prayer was to meet a medicine woman in the sacred dreamtime to teach me the traditional healing ways of plant spirit medicine.  While I already had established an extraordinary relationship with Nature, I knew in my heart and soul that it was time to fully rekindle and remember my truly authentic Medicine Woman roots and magickal ways. To call back the innate wisdom that had grown silent, yet not fully dormant, among our ancient ancestry.
And as potent seeds do, a great activation took place in the throes of passion and alchemy, naturally and spontaneously ushering me into the Spiral Circle of the Sacred Wise Woman Tradition…
NOW, five years following that spiritual impulse, on that truly auspicious day, I have now stepped through the portal on the other side the Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship with the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education (California Branch), led by the beautiful guide, Marysia Miernowska.
Today, I continue to rekindle, re-awaken and rewild  through the remembrance of our ancient roots and practices of herbalism and alchemy. The wyld road brought me to the magical portals of Astro-Herbalism with Sajah Popham at the Evolutionary School of Herbalism as well as the The School of Living Astrology with Tyler Penor Forever weaving and awakening to the Great Mystery.
In the Spirit of Magick...
Auntie OWL
“We live in a universe where all things are in relationship to each other and operate in simultaneous dimensions, one being the reflection of the other. This vast interconnected web we call life is not filled with coincidence or accidents but with relationship and meaning.”Pam Montgomery


The Green Woman refers to the Earth Mother who supports our life, as we are remembering the ancient path of living close to her. The green woman refers to the millions of midwives, grandmothers, and herbalists who carried this knowledge before us. We seek to awaken their wisdom and a collective drive to protect the earth, and our beloved plants. Through working together to restore this ancient practice and knowledge of plant medicine, we hope to heal the separation that has occurred between ourselves and wild nature.