Many moons ago...

Many moons ago...A potent seed went rippling out into the starry Universe...My prayer was to meet a medicine woman in the sacred dreamtime to teach me the traditional healing ways of plant medicine. While I had cultivated an extraordinary relationship with the natural world, I felt a deep soul calling to re-member, re-claim and re-activate further my ancient roots.
And as potent seeds naturally do, they sprouted 'anew one magical Spring day!
Standing at the center of a beloved Labyrinth in Maui, I spoke my hearts desires while welcoming in the next steps on my journey. Vibrations of light began to emanate from the center of my heart, naturally and spontaneously lifting into a heightened state of awareness. Outstretching my arms to greet the Sun, I welcomed in my helping spirits to guide me on the journey.
...While circling around the final turn of the Labyrinth, the whispering winds spoke to me through the luminous leaves of the tropical trees. "You are a voice for Nature. Go forth. Everything will be revealed to you in time."

"We live in a universe where all things are in relationship to each other and operate in simultaneous dimensions, one being the reflection of the other. This vast interconnected web we call life is not filled with coincidence or accidents but with relationship and meaning." Pam Montgomery


Graduation Day with the Topanga Green Witches. The Gaia School of Herbal Healing and Earth Education with herbalist & teacher Marysia Miernowoska.