A Spontaneous Opening -Santa Monica Boardwalk

Just a few steps onto the boardwalk, a man calls out to me. I glance back. He turns towards me. “Excuse me, but don’t I know you from somewhere?” “Aren’t you the woman I met at the party who is from Argentina?” I smile and laugh a little. “No, sorry, you must be thinking of someone else. “Have a nice day, though.” The man enthusiastically and confidently comes a little closer. “Are you sure we haven’t met before? I feel like I know you.”

Into the woods we go!

In just under a weeks time, we will be packing up our belongings and moving into the woods. For a years stay. Potentially, longer. For, we will see how the stars align! Pretty amazing to imagine truly sinking our roots among the Redwoods trees and rich abundant flowing waters of the Russian River. Only minutes to the coast! And Yes, we will have wifi!!! Trees and wifi! So, hardly off grid. But, close enough.

Spontaneous Opening in Munich

A couple of months before The Thomas Fire swept through our beloved town of Ojai, spontaneously inspiring a new trajectory upon our paths, I was skyping with a dear friend who currently lives in Germany. We met at The Findhorn Community in Scotland five years ago at the time of the Summer Solstice. Our conversation, on this particular day, was …

Wolf Adventure – aaaauuuuUUU!

Tug. Tug. Pull. Pull. Little Wolf pulls me forward. Her hand twisting my shirt up near my shoulder. She positions me directly in front of the wooden platform where the shaman wolf, is resting peacefully. I turn to face Little Wolf for further guidance, but she is nowhere in sight.

Gifts of Gratitude…

The SUN is shining, casting a warm glow upon the steps of the Aztec Pyramid. Hawk passes  high above the native trees. A gentle stirring and hush resounds among the circle of men and women who have gathered together on this most auspicious day. A day of ceremony with this sacred and enchanting land.