TAKE FLIGHT WITH AUNTIE OWL...and SOAR to new heights, naturally and spontaneously!

YOU KNOW THOSE aha! moments when you just feel intuitively that something rings true for you! Everything suddenly and spontaneously shines and sparkles that much brighter...

From the subtle to the extraordinary, A spark is lit, inspiring a leap of faith and an accelerated movement forward!

Patterns naturally lift away, as you awaken your reality.

Auntie OWL invites intuitive and energetic experiences that are fun and engaging, while holding space for that which is a vibrational match for you. IMAGINE for a moment, a space that is created to inspire and awaken your reality! 

Auntie Owl invites you into her magical virtual space nestled among Redwood Trees, emerald ferns and Douglas Firs.

A magical journey awaits you.

Auntie Owl begins each adventure with a gentle yet potent meditation, in a heart-centered and grounded way. 

The TAROT OR/AND ORACLE CARDS are woven into the adventure to provide insight, intuition and illumination as a compass and guide as we open portals on our adventure together. 

It is truly a multi-dimensional interactive experience that is empowering and heart expanding. Naturally and Spontaneously lifting away that which you are ready to you rekindle that spark that lights you up, initiating new steps forward on your path. 

SEASONAL OFFER: Inspired by the changing of the winds as we step into the luminous portal of the Autumnal Equinox and beyond.

We will meet on Zoom (1 hour). An audio version of our call will be available. Feel free to Venmo me at @AliSun-Trees if that is easier for you!

Friendly Introductory Pricing: $55 US dollars. 

***Feel free to *Venmo me @AliSun-Trees! OR Purchase down below.

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"Your Intuitive Guidance and Oracle Card Reading empowered and inspired me to trust the universe and break free from old patterns that are holding me back while understanding why they held me back in the past."EIRA

"Stars have aligned for a special adventure which I can sense in my whole being. I am feeling joy, a lightness and sweetness that is real. I feel like a child that gets to play and explore something wonderful."

Anne Molinari
"I am extremely overwhelmed with how much I resonated and felt connected to this experience. It felt very personal and tailor made. I felt as though I was really in the room with "Auntie OWL". Her virtual space felt inviting, transporting me to her space of practice." ANASTASIJA