Our stories hold power. Transformative power.


Our stories hold power. Transformative power. Healing power. Wyrds if spoken just right can lift us up and bring us right back down to Earth. Just like that! Stories have a way of opening portals in the most auspicious of ways...

Ecstatically woven in these pages are wyrds of magick to inspire and awaken, lift and illuminate!

Each passageway and portal invites a unique dimensional frequency and vibrational experience as we open to receive the living elements of life. From the plants and  trees, to the earth and stars...the intelligence and pulse of the whole web of life!

In the vision, a book is forming...A Living Book of sorts...One you can literally wrap your wings around and fly back and forth, to and fro…sparking the fire within! All the while remembering and re-wilding the beauty way from which we came!

Our stories carry power. Ushering us closer to the living breath and vibrant pulse of Mother Earth and the Cosmic Celestial Skies invites a transformational shift to occur.

Perhaps, a shift in our perception. How we see the world. How we choose to live in the world...

In the sharing of  our stories, we invite a wider circle to emerge. Wyrds that are woven within a series of remarkable synchronicities, imprinting the world with magic and wisdom. 

Stories passed on throughout the ages, initiate passages of time, naturally inviting us to see and experience the world through the eyes and hearts of another. Perhaps, another time...many many moons ago...One bright luminous night...among an extraordinary alignment of the stars...

In the Spirit of magick, 

Auntie OWL